Mark ‘Ruff’ Ryder – BassLine Garage Gold Promo CD (DJ extras & cappellas)



Mark ‘Ruff’ Ryder – BassLine Garage Exclusive Gold Promo CD (DJ extras & cappellas)
This is a very High Quality Gold CD Disc in a Vinyl design which looks amazing. The music is all full uncompressed format and mastered for DJs to sound the best they can in a club or when you need the music to be noticed.

No compressed MP3 Files. These are full 44.1khz CD quality masters.
This CD is specifically designed to rattle the bass to the Max.
All full extended 12 inch mixes plus some additional exclusives including cappella’s which are only for this CD and DJ use.
These extras on this album will not be available as Digital releases and are VIPs for the DJs only.

This CD conforms to official CD Red book standards so that it will play in all CD players,
Comes shrink wrapped in a Custom Printed high quality duel sleeve and pouch.

As with all Strictly Underground releases ;Pressings will be very limited and hold their value and desirability over countless years to come.
Buy it before its gone.

1. Believe in me – Bassline Garage Mix
2. Bring me JOY – B2 N Ruffer Dub**
3. Hold Tight (Gonna be a Ruff ride) – Bassline Garage Mix
4. Party – B2 N Ruffer Dub**
5. Tonight is a good night – MDEMM in Garage Mix
6. Rock This Mother – B2N Ruffer Dub**
7. I Love you – Bassline Garage Mix
8. Renegade bass – Bassline Garage Rub-A-Dub Mix
9. Who’s the DJ? Bassline Garage Mix
10. The Bassline Garage Story

11. JOY Accapella 135BPM_Master
12. Believe in cappella 135BPM_Master
13. Tonight is a good night sore throat mix
** Note The ‘N Ruffer Dub’ extra versions may not appear on the final digital release only the B2 part of the mix will be on the Digital (i.e Edited version)

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