Karma is the balance of good and evil (through words and/or actions)
I try my best to live a good, honest and right life and to do the right things. I’m not religious at all in fact I despise all religions fore there deeper messages of hate, but that does not mean I don’t have faith because I have tons of faith.
My faith is in mankind to do the right thing and that we can all live together with tolerance and understanding.I have faith that mankind will all one day see how bad religion truly is and I hope more people might denounce religion and begin to worship life and tolerance for all, rather than a book of rules that are making so many waste their time on earth praising invisible beings and fighting wars in the name of religion.

If you are religious Its your choice and yes I do tolerate your beliefs as long as you can tolerate mine also.

I know that if I smile I might get a smile back that is the essence of Karma. I try my best to smile but I am very sad, sad that the world is so intense and sad that we are all having to work so hard to get through life, sad that we have so much anger and hate.

We can all change, I am no angel, I’m not perfect or better than anyone else.
I break laws; when I feel they are unjust. I stand up for people; even if I am not like them, but believe they are being unjustly hurt or affected.

I’m not anti-social or an eco warrior, I don’t think I have extreme views, I just know what is right and what is wrong. If I see something wrong and I can make a difference I will not walk on by.

I don’t have a perfect life but I have a set of rules that guide me, they don’t come from religion they are born in almost all of us, they are compassion and respect for others, if you blend with society you will learn to nurture these feelings because we all want to fit in.

I know right from wrong and don’t need to be told it by any religious group as religions track record is a contradiction of the morals they claim to hold as values when the church is riddled with pedophiles and alike and they endlessly cover it all up.

I will always try to do the right thing but I know also that I’m am like everyone else just a human who can make mistakes or a bad choice so I will never be perfect but I try always to make the right choice and I do know what is unacceptably wrong and what is a mistake or just a bad choice.

I try not to preach too much but I will stand up and shout against things that I hope to change because I have to at least try to make a difference with my voice.

We are all born with a part of the brain that needs to reach out beyond what we know as real and religion tapes into this spiritual need to fill the gaps of the unknown, it captures people with stories of Gods and life after death and ties them into a zombie controlling cycle of praying and restriction; all for a promise of better things after life, those believers are destined to live out their lives having been brainwashed and controlled like slaves and puppets and for what? A better life after death, really? Do you know how mad that sounds?

If we could imaging more hope in people and do more good right now, all that wasted time praying could be used to actually do something real and make a real difference to humanity,

Millions are being killed every day in the name of some religion somewhere in the world right now. So many religious wars, Serbs, Bosnians, Croatians, Palestinians, Israelis, Christians, Jews, Muslims, always a religion behind every hate. Clearly praying is a cop out, an excuses to do nothing but pray, eyes shut; hands clasped and mumble to your invisible friend to wish it away.

Religion continues to infect everyday society with new rules, all religions fighting to oppress their way on everyone else, just listen to what religion says about gay people or women and non believers, its all hate and we ignore it because its part of a religion.


I continue to quietly ask myself, “When will that day come when religion is finally exposed and denounced”?

I think it’s starting, my words hopefully open the minds of others to see it’s all wrong and slowly we will denounce all religion as a mental illness that should not have any controlling power in society.

I truly do respect peoples right to believe in the fairies and if I sound like I’m ridiculing you well I am not, that’s my right to say it how I see it and express it for what it is in my mind just as I have to be told its not fairies its some over reaching power so I repeat thats what you believe so you should respect what I believe in truth fairies do not exist either.

If you have a strong belief then you see me as a non believer, infidel or scum but that’s your view so we are maybe even having views we don’t agree with.

As long as you don’t bother me I won’t bother you and you will voice your beliefs and so I will voice mine and so far that’s the one right I still have left although I see my right to free speech on this matter becoming harder and harder which is another great oppression and wrong imposed by religion.

I say all this only to allow the debate so that people do not just say they are Christian or Muslim out of habit. I wish them to say they are a Jedi or a DJ or anything but religion in the normal sense of the word and to always do it when asked their religious views.

If they do this on forms it will slowly erode the power of religion as the government uses those forms to see who has a say in law making so we can marginalise the church of any religion by never saying we are a part of it.

If I am wrong then so be it, the nature of Karma is such that I might work it out.

If you do not support my music because of my views I will take that as negative Karma on me, and it’s ok.

I’m trying to change the world one person at a time with my worlds, My music is to help people escape this mad world we live in so they are two different issues but I can make a difference in both and so I will continue to try.

Be good and kind to each other


Mark Ryder


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