Apple and our right to Privacy

Here is a concept its based on facts we know but I will set them out and leave you with this dilemma.

So Apple is fighting to defend our rights to privacy that us citizens who own Apple products.

Terrorists also use iPhone and so the powers that be want to get into them by having Apple create a back door into our iPhones but this will also allow any hacker and wrongdoer access into our lives, bank account and personal data.

We the collective are law abiding citizens but there are also bad people out there so when does the ends justify the means and if we let the government have access to our phones and data can we trust them not to create a sweeping net approach to find reasons to prosecute and hinder what is considered by most of us to be a normal and law abiding life that we keep personal.

So here is an example of the government in their mindset for justifying their actions.

A judge has ordered the Federal Bureau of Investigation to turn over the complete code it used to infiltrate a child pornography site on the Dark Web, motherboard reports. The FBI seized the Tor-based site known as “Playpen” in February 2015 and kept it running via it’s own servers for two weeks – during this time, the bureau deploy a hacking tool that identified at least 1,300 IP addresses of visitors to the site worldwide.

I would totally agree with catching and erasing pedophiles but read it again. The FBI continued to run a website publishing child porn on their own servers in order to catch visitors to the web site?

At this point to me anyway the FBI are also involved in a criminal act and although they will say it’s to catch people visiting the site I’m sure they could do that without re distributing child porn.

Simply creating fake doorway pages for those accessing the site would give them the IP info they required.

But no; they wanted the child porn downloaded, it makes their case water tight, it’s lazy policing at it’s best and it’s as criminal for the FBI distributing and allowing it to be published, breaking the laws they are meant to uphold.

They will prosecute the pedophiles under those same laws and defend their reasons for breaking those same laws at the exact same time.

Believe me I want all pedophiles to be turned into dust

So before you miss the point please just hear me out because this not about pedophiles, it’s about the right to privacy on normal law abiding citizens iPhones.

This is about giving the government it’s own power above all laws (we all have to abide by) and free access to eveybodys iPhones around the world.  just for them to justify what ever it wants to do. They want to not be held by any law and this is a dangerous pandoras box you don’t want to open.

The fact the government agency can do whatever they want (including break the same laws of distributing child porn) to imprison another person accessing the FBI’s website shows that the government is above the laws its enforcing?

So now the stag is set here is my point!

How can you trust a government agency that is as morally low as the people they are trying to catch?
how can you trust they will not just plant evidence or be just as bad as the criminals but with the rights of law to enforce on others.

Lets now take a look back at their request for access to every iPhone on the planet and for this concept lets remember that they already are the owners of a live pedophile website they have run in the past on their own servers (to catch people) and this vast collection of pedophilia that they have been distributing is now part of their arsenal to catch other criminals.

Devils advocate says: –

How easy would it be for the FBI to insert some child porn into your iPhone and then arrest you for having it there?

Think about this and then ask yourself again should we have the right to our privacy by having a secure iPhone of not or should we give total access to the government of the day just so they can catch bad people or good people they don’t like by continuing to ignore the procedure and the rights of the law.

Anyone would think the only way to catch other terrorist was to access their iPhone must be living in a world where there is no longer anything know as police work.

Do you deserve the right to your privacy?

A back door or any means for the government to have free access to our data leaves us all open to any criminals in and out of the government.

Remember freedom is never free you have to become a voice sometimes to change minds and open the true debate about right and wrong.

The governments need to up their game and do the job they are supposed to not make everyone one on the planet less safe by making all everyday people more susceptible to having their personal data stolen by more criminals that also find the backdoor to our data.

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