Be a Man, not an Arseh*le

So yesterday I went to the Ideal Home show in London. It’s a massive exhibition about all things for your house and things? LOL

I don’t know how to explain it but I used to go every year getting things to make my little pad nice but as I travel a lot now I don’t need any more stuff than I have. Nothing really has the same interests as before, but it’s nice to cover old ground and see if anything has changed.

Sadly this trip reminded me how I don’t fit in normal society any more.

Travelling  home on the london underground I found myself getting so angry.

I would; without a second thought, instantly give up my seat for a woman standing but so many men would not.

My blood was boiling when a pregnant woman came on the train with a badge saying I’m pregnant and she was left to stand.

I made it clear to the people sitting in the end and a man gave up their seat but then behind my back carried on miming to his friends “who the fu*k does he think he is”

These are the things that remind me I don’t fit in. It was pointed out to me later that I could get stabbed for acting that way, but I just can not turn a blind eye to this kind of thing, for me its unacceptable, it makes me angry.

The world is so selfish. I know women want equal rights and that true and correct but our DNA is different and although equal right should be the norm for all thats dons’t change respect, maners and common decency.

Basic respect and doing the right thing don’t disappear because of equal rights and anyone who claims such should think again.

I clearly am old school but men are lying selfish horrible inside if they don’t have the basic respect to do what is just right, to give up your seat for a woman an elderly person or a pregnant person.

The world keeps turning a blind eye to the basic right and wrongs and in doing so the wrong becomes accepted as the norm.  It’s such a sad and disgusting way for society to behave.

People need the basics and the more we let the basics go the worse society gets.

This is why I don’t interact with the everyday world that much. I live by a saying “People are weird” it reminds me that their brains are wired in a totally different way to mine and all are different so none can be totally trusted or predicted this is why we have basic rules of etiquette or why we used to have them.

All I can say to any men reading this:

If your a real man, next time your on a train give your seat to a woman if she is standing. If she says no thanks then stand up and point to your seat politely as she is only being polite to you. You will know you are a better person than the rest of the selfish men sitting around you and she will know there are still men in this world who have the qualities of a real man. The other men might learn something also.


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