It’s time for the Mac Pro to take the lead again.

I love everything I own by Apple and that’s almost everything.

I’m running a MacBook Pro late 2013 15″ i7 Retina 16gb ram 1TB SSD (top of the range when released) it matches my top spec iMac on my desk they are pretty much the same machine in different form factors and both would compete with the basic mac pro (dustbin) quad core and that’s the problem.

There was a time when the tower was always way ahead of the laptop.

The fact Apple can make such a small Laptop and iMac compare with the basic Mac pro workstation is an achievement but we are at the limits now on MacBook’s and iMacs and the Mac Pro could easily surpass those limits and that’s the issue that’s making me and many other Apple geeks angry.

Apple allowed me to have power of the basic Mac Pro in a mobile laptop (I’m thankful) it feels like that was their goal but they seem to not be looking to push the potential of computing any further just refine their hardware and software in iMac’s and laptops.

With a laptop Apple are at the cutting edge in refinement and power available from intel chips at this time but with a Mac Pro there is so much more to open up (via expandability) but Apple seem to act like the iMac and MacBook pro will do all that we need.

Apple remind me of BMW in that they refine refine and refine their cars so perfectly that if you don’t fit in the seat (which is like a custom cockpit) then you best get a different car.

Everything Apple seems to be doing with each release is minor refinement now days which for the laptops has been awesome, but now I look at the new MacBook pro and for the money and tiny speed bump, I don’t see any need to upgrade. the function keys thing is not enough to warrant the price hike.

My late 2013 is to me still hitting the ceiling and I need more power! This new MacBook Pro doesn’t offer enough for the price hike.

This is the trick Apple is missing.

To get more money from me I need to see more than refinement and yet that’s all I see (due to the laptops restrictions). Refinement is fine when you’re at the limits of a laptops ability but Apple is missing a massive second computer purchase for hardcore users by not introducing a seriously more expandable MacPro tower, faster ram, bigger faster SSD, better expansion capabilities, less wires (something we can over time upgrade)

Soldered parts on board is killing the upgrade cycle as the price is too high for a fixed unit so we make do with older machines and wait for something with more value to incrementally upgrade when we need to. Sales drop as we hold on for a further increment and Apple inter thinks the computer market is dying. Apple are so focused on precision and refinement that they can not see its strangling and stagnating their computer sales channel.

The Mac Pro offers more multi-threading but without the ability to expand it with different options over time you are hemming our creativity. The limit of 4 cores on the laptop and iMac has them at their peak.

It’s time for the Mac Pro to take the lead again.

Hardcore users buy laptops and towers so until there is a serious upgrade on the laptop (this is not one to me) you could offer more oomph in a new killer Mac Pro tower a still get my money.

I would buy a Mac pro to replace my iMac if it offered real world improvements and upgradability.

I passed on the first Gen Mac pro because I bought into the Apple ethos about the iMac being capable and it has been; but we are at the limits now with iMac and MacBook pro.

Only the MacPro can go further and if Apple make it I will buy it and so will other creatives and hardcore users

It’s time to get your core supporter back on side and sing your praises once more as all I read about now is disillusions power users and they are your champions the millennials who just buy iPhones don’t have the deep vested interest and love for what made Apple great and they will drop you like a stone if all your geeky fans start talking up and moving to (UGH can say their name) power users are the foundations of Apple, the voice of Apple and the secret sales team of Apple and we are disillusioned with Apple even though their new products are still great they are just not what we are waiting for and what we know is possible.

Karma always catches up in the end.

It’s been a long time coming but at last the originator of the now iconic touchscreen Apple iPhone is seeing its hard work justified in an easy to understand way.

I’m not talking about the billions owed by Samsung to Apple and proven in court for Samsung constantly ripping off Apple  iPhones (Samsung continue to evade that debt using the courts of appeals).

No this is much more karma based as we witness the iPhone copycats by made by Samsung explode and catch fire due to poor design and badly though out everything.

For those non Apple users who think there is fair competition between android phones and Apple they have to step back and remember that before Apples iPhone there wasn’t anything like a iPhone on the market and after iPhone everyone just ripped off everything Apple had worked hard to create including its look and feel.

Since then Apple has had to deal with companies like Samsung imitating their designs and new features and even advertising style in order to steal market share in the high end phone market by imitating the real thing (Apple).

But at last the clarity is starting to show as Samsung now with a sizeable marketshare in their copy cat iPhones feels the consequences of not designing but just copying.

People who buy Apple know that every single component in that phone or computer has been meticulously designed and tested to work under strict criteria and constant use. Nothing is left to chance and in order to get so much into such small devices everything has to be optimised precisely on every new version of the iPhone and every new version of Apples computers also.

Some people call this the walled garden as Apple control the hardware and the software and keep everything optimised to just work and they don’t allow just anyone to access this set up as that invites potential problems for all users.

Apple can not afford to just go to the local electronics fair and buy off the shelf components and build a phone because to do that would be like owning a PC.

What is a PC? (non apple)

PC’s are built using off the shelf components and anyone can build one  they are a collection of bits and bobs purchased from any number of different suppliers all making their own thing and to build your PC you will pick from the myriad of suppliers doing different things and bulked all those bits together to make a PC. The problem is you will always have more options than needed, as the suppliers are adding all sorts of things you don’t need but someone else might need so your buying a bloated component and just using the bit you need from it.  You might have extra ports you wound not need, extra wiring in there, not for you but maybe another person needs it in their build.
This is how PC’s are put together. Components are multi usable to capture every conceivable buyer and made in bulk and sold cheep to capture a mass market. You buy the part and just use the bits that apply to your build but the rest is still all in there using powers and doing nothing and thats just one part you will buy loads of parts like this before you have a computer so a lot of waste. The potential for problems and issues is pretty much a hall mark of PC’s.

This is why PC’s are a pile of junk, because when you then add the software from another company (win dose) that software has to work with your specific build of PC which will be different to others build using different parts to get to the same end result and so you get crashing and freezing and all the other bad stuff Apple users don’t get (viruses trojans).

I’m not saying that if you manage to get one working it will run fine for a while but It’s a wasteful inefficient and bad way to build anything.

So why does anyone do it?
It’s cheep and for some they are happy rebooting and buying new bits and bobs to keep there monster PC running  (not realising most Apple computers will cost a bit more but run perfectly for 5-7 years without an issue and with constant fee (working) software updates so buying a Mac is actually a better life investment).

Apple have never worked like this PC bits and bobs way.

Everything Apple does is perfectly designed to do the job required, and at the constant and optimal speed expected while always using the least amount of power. This is why Apple is so loved, as Apples attention to detail is untouchable in the industry, they design and optimise everything.

The Apple operating system (software)  is designed perfectly for their hardware and their hardware is optimised to use the very least amount of power while running smoothly under load so no waste in power or efficiency. This is true for their computers as it is for their iPhones.

Samsung on the other hand.

I suppose they are like the PC market when they build their iPhone imitators,  packing these tiny slim rip off iPhones with off the shelf components or badly designed components they have to try to make all fit into what ever size Apple decided to design their next iPhone in.
It can’t be easy copying such an optimised and well designed iPhone and for a while Samsung has got away with it, duping the public into thinking they had something they did not have (an iPhone)

Samsung get away with this magic trick thanks to Android OS  but that also is a poor relation to the Apple iOS as Samsung take androids operating system from Google to bolt on top of their bits and bob components and this allows Samsung to create an Apple looking (but not) operating system.

What you see is a iPhone rip off by Samsung that seems to look and act like its as good as an iPhone but its not, its a pile of junk!
The innards are various suppliers parts stacked up one thing on the other built by who knows what or where and all wrapped up in a look-a-like iPhone operating system.

The problem

Nothing is optimised the OS is Googles Android (copycat iOS) and the processor is designed by snapdragon or some other self designed component company who make a standard processor for any mobile phones  (just an everything  PC component). The power draw is such a serious issue that the battery has to be a much higher rating than you really want in a small phone and when the phone starts to run it sucks a copious amount of battery energy making that run hot.

Welcome the next iPhone imitation from Samsung…BANG!

I should point out that ‘thermal runaway’ which is the term used for a battery over heating to the point that it ignights, can happen in any phone and Apple have had a few batteries over the years fail from a faulty battery.
The stats for this fault is 1 in 10 million so it can happen to Apple who have a billion iPhone out there. This is why Apple design and optimise all their iPhones to run on very low power and run efficiently. If a battery from an iPhone was to have a thermal runaway incident it would be that 1 in 10 million fault, rather than poor design from Apple, as it clearly is with the hundreds of exploding samsung phones and only 2million sold.

Apple release a new iPhone every year

Apple always has new things in it new iPhone models yet it gets slimmer.

How can Apple add haptic feedback to their iPhone as this hardware component takes up battery space and will use energy to create that feeling of touch? but they have a smaller battery in their phone? yet it still runs for the same amount of time or maybe more than before?

Apple designs and designs and designs everything. The processor gets smaller and faster and uses less power so Apple can make the battery smaller and add another bit of Apple designed hardware into the phone and make it smaller still…

This is the information android users don’t understand and this is why Apple are the coolest company and the biggest company and the most loved company.

The moral to this story is if you want an iPhone buy and iPhone

if you want a cheep knock off that everyone will know is a cheep knock off buy a Samsung or anything Android!

but you have to know…. others will be laughing at you secretly with your copycat iPhone!

The real problem with Apple Music and the Dubset Deal.

It seems that everyone wants a share of the pie from musicians and in the race to get their cut the biggest issues have again been forgotten by all including Apple.

Apple can now play unofficial remixes of music originally created an artist but made in a new way by a third party. Dj’s love to make mixes and sometimes remix tracks but they are not always supported by the artist who is the creator of the original.

The artist should have the right to ok illegal creations that might have a global access. ok if a bedroom DJ wants to do something and share it with his mates then so be it in that small world but this new deal with a company called Dubset claims it can work out which songs are original works and thus allow Apple to play them because they can work out who to pay what from the music.

On the face of it this might sound like a solution to paying rights holders and the musicians but it detaches the musician once again from their creative original work and how to reserve their rights in their work.

musicians want to sell their albums and songs streaming is a red herring that benefits only the company collecting the monthly fees. The amount of money paid to the artist is so small its pointless.

There is one one reason companies like Dubset want to do this working out of what music is used in a mix and that is so they can skim a cut of the royalty that might exist and artist have to trust this company on who should be paid and who should not.

No i make underground dance music and there are millions of DJ’s mixing underground dance tracks and I’m confident a company like Dubset will have no idea what the track are when it comes to hard to find underground dance music that might not even be released but being played in a mix from a promo sent to a DJ.

I don’t see any permission from the artists in all this? They might not like their music bastardised into a mix no matter how many plays it might get on a streaming website which all pay micro shaving of a cent in royalties.

There is a fix and its always been then and this is my biggest gripe about all the streaming services.

Support sales of the artist music

Non of the streaming service offer instant ways to buy artists music that they are playing and this is only true support of value for musicians to get payed properly.

Steaming is not helpful for artist to sell music because it become an all you can eat for a monthly fee meaning the users have no reason to buy music anymore as they can stream it when ever they like and there is no incentive to purchase , not limit on the amount of stemming of any track before having to buy it.

To me streaming companies and the people like Dubset are freeloaders, clambering onto the artists income and creaming without truly speaking to artist about what’s best for them they aren not helping artists to easily sell their music by providing links to buy when they play the music.

My self as an artist, I think all the free streaming is about money for the companies involved and not for the artists doing the music its a ruse and big lie, the tech is there to aid artist in selling the music but the don’t need to do it because they have all they need in their small royalty driven model.

Yes Apple claim to be trying to get royalties to artist but the reality is the whole streaming model is unhelpful to selling music which is the real way artist can survive.

Streaming is a parasite set up so music streaming companies rent out the music in a monthly fees that go’s into their pockets while paying fractions of a cent per play and not helping the listener to truly connect to the whole artist album by making it easy to instantly buy the music when it matters (while its being played)

Streaming has nothing to do with helping the artist generate an true sustainable audience and income for their creations.

The artist is like an animal in the field standing there while all the music streaming companies and rights collection agency are the flies buzzing around picking morsels off and irritating the animal, not benefiting the animal in any momentous way the flies are only truly interested in the food they can pick off.

Yes Apple music is doing this too and I love Apple, but their rhetoric about ‘The artist must be paid’ rings hollow when it comes to streaming. Apple could easily help in the right way with instant buy buttons but they are just playing with all the other flies making no real difference so all flies are flies.

Apple needs to make a difference in a meaning full way because artists never asked for the flies in the first place artist make their money from sales not flies picking at them and paying a pittance for streaming music.

If Apple and Spotify and any streaming companies truly wanted to support artist they would have a link and the name of the artist on every song played actually visible so that at that time the music was playing a user could click the link and instantly buy and own that track.

I envisioned that one day this would happen for radio but alas looking at all the music streamers its clear they don’t give a sh*t about selling the music they are playing for the artists benefit .

All they want is the monthly subscriptions and the market share and to be able to stream what ever they want at the lowest payment rate possible. Technology is in place to put a buy button up to the user when the music is being played but no, its not happened and why not?

I’m scare that this deal with Dubset is going to really end any chance of musicians selling their music because unless the tracks in a mix are clearly defined and visible to the listener with the ability to buy them (if they are for sale) all I see is another white wash for the artist and more skimming from the likes of the flies who only want the monthly fees and any morsels they can grab from the artist before they are paid what ever is left.

Apple should, if they proceed on this path make every track in the mix visible to the public with the ability for them to buy it instantly. Also the artist should know about any mix done without their consent to authorise it otherwise the system is still theft.

If you buy a television i can not just come round your house and pay you 1 cent to watch something its your television and you control how its used.

This is just another way to circumvent the artists and pay them nothing worth talking about. Things have got to change because this deal looks like a shit deal for Artist and a ruse that paying less then a cent for an unauthorised mix is a way to allow streaming companies to do what ever they want with music they don’t actually own.

Note to Apple . If you truly support artist then why have you not built into your music radio the ability to instantly show the track name while its playing with a link to iTunes to instantly purchase?

The amount of revenue for Apple and the Artist would be whats allows artist to survive and grown even but streaming is never going to pay the bills.

The artists really need sales to be restored and prioritised into the music streaming. Anything else is a sham for the artists.

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I love me who do you Love ?

So today I posted an reply to someone who was moaning that their live Facebook feed was not posted on Facebook due to a copyright infringement on one track he played

It suddenly dawned on me as I typed my reply, of the many possible variants to this persons complaint and I’m not saying my final paragraph is true but it does flag up the possibility of the depth of egos in DJ’s and their true dis-respect for the music and the real creators who are the true people that need recognition.

Here is my reply he basically say in his post  “fu*king Facebook didn’t upload my live mixing set I made for all the peeps out there and it was live and over an hour set”

Here was my reply which evolved in real time as I wrote it …Please think about what I’m saying and you might see that the only loser every time is artist rather than the ego DJ…


Yeah it’s a complex situation…
Being an artist I don’t have a problem with people mixing in my music especially if they can give me a credit so others can buy the track.

but I do have a problem with places like Spotify who allow unlimited streaming of my music and only pay 0.0005 of a pence each time meaning people won’t ever buy my tracks as they can get them on tap from Spotify and i will never make any money for them as I would need to have streamed over 10,000 plays to make it pay anything worth while.


Facebook are in-between this if only they could post up the track list as the music was playing it might benefit the artist so people could ~ID the tracks out and actually buy them.

I’m not even going to get into the DJ’s playing stolen music they never even bought using dodgy free download sites of free music sites rather than actually supporting the creator who is allowing them to promote their ego, because those types are scum and self centred dick wads who need to be deleted from all self promoting sites as they add nothing to the scene they are just ego fistic self centred leaches….lol ? OMG epiphany …..me thinks lol

(thinking on my feet made me see the whole picture hope you can too)

Please don’t steal my music I need to get paid to keep making the stuff that makes you DJ’s the super stars you crave to be.

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The dreams and unresolved issues of Mark Ruff Ryder’s 6 new iTunes LP Albums….

I’m gonna share a dream I had last night but I’m also going to analyse it because I can do that as long as I can remember the dream.

Here is a layman explanation of how your mind works and why we dream. If you want to skip it scroll straight to The Dream (title)

Why we dream

The brain uses dreams to make sense of the experiences, thoughts fears, worries and bits of random information it collects over the day as well as the deeper un resolved issues that are spinning around in the back of your subconscious but all have yet to resolve before you go to sleep.

A dream is your brain (which is just a super super computer) trying to clear its cache(temporary memory) by sorting out all these un resolved issue which it does by collecting it all up and making a story ‘Dream’ it needs to do this to clear them from is temporary memory.

Once the brain has played out the dream it is able to put it away and clear is Cache ( temporary memory storage) so you can start the day fresh and ready to actually fix some of those issues with a clear head uncluttered mind.

Sleeping is how your body and brain recharges for the next day.

Analysing a dream is a good way to prise out the true issues you have to resolve because they are all in there but like a vivid unrealistic movie as you brain makes dreams just to clear the clutter of unresolved bits and file it away as resolved but they are not resolved they are just how the mind deals with them so it can clear them.

This random information is joined together like a botched patchwork to make a cryptic dream story and as such it can takes some understanding of your own issues in your own real world life to decipher them and then deal with them in a real way.

When you get good at it you will be able to place loads of the characters and places with real life conversations or a passing moment maybe an over heard discussion it will become quite liberating understanding those issues in your subconscious as once you understand it you can actually try to fix it.

I’m a deep person I know deep things like this but self analysing is a more complex because just before you wake up your brain is supposed to have cleared the local memory for you to start the day but if your lucky traces of the dream are still there not fully wiped just like on a hard drive where you can erase it but if your clever you can still see the data using special tools to recover it.

Your brain is not always trying to fix your problems in the real world its main job of dreams is to just clear all the unresolved junk in your memory it wants to file them away under ‘sorted’ so you can start a new day fresh, all sorted and made sense of in the weird dream and then wiped from your local memory.

dreams are not designed to find the real solutions just to join all the bits into a way to say they have been processed and erased.

You have to find the solutions in the real world by confronting those issues which will always come back until they are resolved.

Imagine your dreams are like a Disney movie (if your lucky) or a Friday the 13th (if your not so lucky) or some very radome and weird with no coherent meaning as most times they are like a patchwork quilt of connections that seem random but the brain has to get all these clipping of unresolved images and information into a story to process it and delete it.

Once all the bits of information are connected and processed as a dream your brain can clear its temporary memory as it has to do this most nights because on a real computer you can switch it off and on again and everything will be clear but a brain can not be switch off or you would die. So your super computer creates dreams to process all this unresolved data so you can start a new day fresh and with a clear mind.

OK thats the science in layman’s terms here is my dream which I had 4 mins ago and was told that I was shouting out loud in my dreams.

Remember I’m a music geek and a sci-fi geek so sci-fi is where my brain can get a lot of inspiration for my dreams.

The Dream

I’m in a movie theatre I have waited for over 10 year to see this next Star Trek movie

This is a massive event and I’m sitting in the theatre, there are tons of geeks like me in there all waiting to watch the film also all the cast from Star Trek are there, Captain Pichard and Riker are just in front of me. I’m eating pop corn and excited .

They have been going on about this new type of film process never done before and we are all excited. I know it’s its not like anything anyone has seen before.

I have heard this new way of making films is created by the computer using all the knowledge it has attained from movie making and popular films .

Shhh….The movie is starting

I wiggle my bum into my chair ready for a great adventure.

I’m watching eagerly and it seems to be a bit Disney like as it begins, the rendering of the characters looks a bit like a Toy Story movie but I hold on because I know this is different and I want to give it a chance

All the characters are there on the USS Enterprise and something looks wrong its not what I’m used to, I want real space high quality rendered space ships but this looks a bit disney childish, like Lion king meets Toy-Story meets Star Trek everyone is watching it but my feet are now fidgiting, I’m getting frustrated waiting for it to kick into the real deal.

10 mins in and cartoon characters are mixed with relish renderings and the members of the Enterprise Crew, it’s confusing me I’m now getting really really angry I go over to the actor who plays Captain Picard and tell him this is not science fiction its comic book fantasy (remember I’m a geek and sci-fi and toy story don’t mix for this sort of movie)

He tell me to sit down and keep watching the movie. I try again but as it continues I’m boiling up more and more as more comic toy story type characters come on screen and all I want it the reality of the science with the fiction that is based on probable reality and i don’t see cartoon characters ever being in the same place as science. its not working these cheeky monkeys and kiddy fun.

Looking around there are a lot of kids watching and they are loving it but not me I’m about to explode I shout out something and get hushed I look around and see a few others like me and we are looking at each other like WTF.

I can not contain myself i feel conned and angry and shouting again I vent my anger with an almighty WTF is going on!

getting out of my seat I run down the stair to the ticket desk and demand my money back,

I am livid!
I shout at the manager and there is security all around getting nearer to me “Give me my fu*king refund”
The manager looks bemused he doesn’t know what to do but I’m thinking I need to get out of here right now I’m about to explode and I think more people are going to be running down those stars demanding a refund and I won’t get mine “Give me my fucking refund!” I shout again and the manager quickly scribbles on a refund sheet but before he is finished there is an almighty crash.

We look at the stairs leading to the viewing room and the whole cinema roof is disintegrating like pixels in a computer generated image it’s just dissolving and the roof is opening up to the sky.

I look back at the refund paper and rip the note off the pad and run to the exit, then I see one of the cartoon characters out of the movie escaping in a ship (yes dreams are weird) I give chase as it fly’s down the road “I have to stop that dam cartoon rubbish from escaping” but this character starts to fire all over the place making bigger building out of cartoon laser beams where there was smaller real building and taking over everywhere I have to stop it some how its my fault I must stop it!….

I wake up abruptly..

It’s 5:00 am I aways get up this early because my mind is always clear and I get so much more done so my first though is always ‘I have loads of work to do’ I have all day today to finish the artwork for the second iTunes Lp album which I have to deliver next week to Apple it’s seriously complex and I’m no professional and in-between there is so much other stuff I need to do also for the other albums its all started and i can’t stop now so i get out of bed and put my jeans on.

I have no recollection of my dream but then as I’m dressing the other person that was next to me is awake and says loudly “Give me a fu*king refund”

I look over “what? “

“You were shouting that in your sleep”,

I think for a moment and everything floods back , The dream I woke from.

I check again, “What did I say?”

“You shouted ‘give me a fu*king refund in your sleep twice the second time you also said or ill punch your lights out”.

I giggle but then say “OMG that was a dream I just had..Captain Picard, Star Trek!’

I quickly get dressed but I’m now also plunged back into the dream . I remember it all, it’s still there as only seconds have passed. I start to analyse it and I realise that its makes for a reality check of my current state of mind.

I want to share it so I get on my laptop.

I have now been typing for about 6 mins since the dream maybe other artists will understand how this dream makes sense when you are on the cusp of something with the potential to be very big or a very big nightmare.

The background

I have spent 14 years on a special set of albums that are exclusively for Apple iTunes LP platform they involve a comic book story and are being delivered to Apple as multi media iTunes LPs right now and I will continue to deliver the series over the next 2 months.

There are six albums telling a story across the series, so the cartoon part fits with my comic books but the word comic has many conertations in its perception. Some think it to be childish and for kids and then there is the sci-fi which is actually very intelligent stuff based on science possibilities.

Being a self confessed geek it’s serious stuff to me,

I have mixed feelings. My fear of not making serious music and bringing this whole potentially ‘toy story vs science fiction’ project to life.

The even deeper stuff is the fears I have of others expectations of me again,

The analysing

I am, in the beginning of my dream ‘the purchaser’ and I am very disappointed and that is a fear artists have when they create something new and different
‘ Is it going to be understood or hated’?

This is my projection of others reactions to what I have done as the first album is very commercial sounding, it gets deeper and more underground as the albums continue out but first impressions might be that I have sold out to Disney when I am at my core a truly underground dance music producer.

I am in my dream both the purchaser and the creator.

The characters in the movie eventually take over the real world and run a much and they are my creation and I personally  have to chase them down and try to put them back into the cinema (Genie back into the bottle) of destroy them.
They are now out of my control and I have to get them under my control again.

This is success taking over my little life and how It can spiral out of control for me and has done many times in the past. We want success but too much success and you lose control of your own narrative.

I have  always had trouble dealing with success that becomes grossly out of touch with my simple life style. I can not have it take over my small and simple life. Trying to contain success when its running its own course is very daunting.

I need to live on my terms and this has always been a struggle for me. Most people can not understand this way of thinking because they are chasing fame but I see fame as a double edged sword and so many fall on their own sword. I prefer to try and keep things in a realistic balance.

Just look closely at the many successful people that have crashed because they can not handle so much success and you might better understand how keeping the success under control is as important as achieving the success you want to get for your work.

Everything I fear wrapped up in a dream there is disappointment for customers and me not being in control if the projects becoming so big I can no longer deal or control it making me want to destroy it or it being misunderstood and just failing.

I have travelled in this bumpy ride of the music world since I was 15 years old having sold 15 thousand copies of my first single and never looked back since. I continue to do new things in dance music as I have always and I keep rising to the top of the charts and in every club or dance arena with the music I make.

I live in a world of judges and as a musician I have to be judged every single release because I don’t do PR, I don’t always tell people about my music, I also release it under different names to test myself but this new batch is a totally new world of digital story telling and stuff no one else is doing and I’m using my name now on everything (sort of).

To be worth something as an truly independent and 100% artist you need money and that means sales so the fear of failure and fear of losing control (having had both many times) is very real for me.

I need the freedom to do things on my terms. There is fear of a backlash from people who were expecting something different also. I always say that I am only as good as the last record I made there are never any guarantees in music unless your prepared to sell an image and your soul and dance on demand. That’s never been me so its aways daunting when I do something very different.

If you feel I’m missing anything let me know but I’m now very familiar with my key issues.

I have had to deal with this many times making music all my life. I would prefer for people to know I’m just good at what I do and leave it at that while supporting it but I might not do what they expect because I’m doing things on my own terms all the time.

I think most creatives have these issues as contra to general belief not everyone wants to be put on a pedestal when the music becomes big or overly popular but they do want it to be successful enough to allow them to continue to do what they do on their terms.

I’m so happy with this new series of albums because I set out to be very different and show the world the different styles of the uk underground dance scene and that the creation of an immersive album is still very much a reality and possibility using the iTunes LP format, it’s just more complex than ever to do well but #Apple still offer the tools to make an album to read and enjoy while you listen to and sing along to the words.

I know I have achieved everything and much more in this set of albums but I feel the strain once more of how it will be perceived and the rollercoaster ride that follows is aways unpredictable for me personally.

I want it to do well but not to the point that it becomes more in control than me.

I have to keep making new and different sounds because that is what a true creative mind wants to do I don’t know any other artist like me.

This is a real creation of music and fantasy and reality and my personal mission to fulfil this massive project and set people free with my hidden message.

If you want to help tell the world and get the inside track on whats coming please register at my website and share my posts as I only really do low key promotion to people I know would love what I do as I don’t want people shouting “Give me a fu*king refund” at me 😉


Everyone should know this about Mark Ruff Ryder!

The absolute truth about me and the reality of most people although they might not want to agree with me?

or maybe this is uniqually me ..

Who am I… Mark Ryder AKA Mark Ruff Ryder?

I’m actually just a knob head and a bit of an idiot sometimes , not in the uneducated way because I am very educated in reality, which is why I can say the things I say, but I’m not educated in a PHD or some convoluted anal degree in making paper cups.
I have been very successful making music but I always keep out of the hype and bullsh*t and the fakery of it all.

I’m a humanist and a realist, totally true to reality which in my case gives me depression, as living in the really real world of true knowledge about what life is really about is depressing. I’m surviving and I’m very unique in that I know what I’m doing most of the time. I’m not a worker ant, if I was an ant I would be the one that didn’t fit in and wouldn’t do what I was designed or designated to do I would leave the nest and find my own way in life.. well that actually is me.

I’m a miss-fit, but I say that with reverence because that’s what makes me special. I refer to myself as a geek, imagine the one with no friends at school and that was me but it was a choice because I didn’t want to be part of gangs and followers my childhood was not smooth.

I think in a global… no a galactic way and I can see things most people don’t have time to see because they are too busy being the worker ants they have been designed to be.

Did I say I’m a arsehole? I am that also yes I have a kind of bi-polar opinion of myself because I am as honest about myself as I am about life.

I know I don’t fit in and I’m not the cool flashy wanna be famous music bull sh*tter either, I constantly make mistakes in life, I get drunk sometimes and overly flirt (not cool), lonely most of the time and I don’t enjoy being around flashy people and prefer to be invisible 90% of the time. I love being around everyday people but find it hard to find them as most people live life either in a rush for the next big thing or are living a fake life inside the matrix.

I know I can be a complete idiot because I’m a realist but because of the way I live and the freedom I have (thanks to my music success) I can just move on from it.

Personally I would say that my most favourite asset is that I have a memory like a fish when it comes to daily management of days weeks and months, names faces, meeting, the 2 seconds that just passed let alone years. I run in a parallel dimension to everyday life as I don’t have any format to the days or the weeks don’t get up for work or have a weekend ever day is new although it can be boring.

My mind is rarely in the past (because i can not remember it) and so I am always looking ahead, I just pick myself up from my failings of the other day and continue into the unknowing future ahead of me. Yes it’s embarrassing to think about the moments of stupidity I do have (I don’t think there have been that many) but I really don’t want to be around people that use every moment of sanity just telling me what a knob I was when I ……

The past can not be changed and I can not conform. My world allows me to be creative in ways others can not, it also allows me to escape all the hate and negativity in the world (although in reality it never leaves my mind). Until recently I though I could make no difference but, I have a plan.

Life is too shot to be around people who seem to live to make you remember the worst parts of being human so I’m just telling you all this now so you know that I’m that imperfect person and I don’t want to offend anyone. I don’t actually think I ever have offended anyone in a hateful way because my heart is kind an I love the good in people too much to ever push negativity over positivity.

But … I see so much suffering around me. The whole planet is at war and  I feel helpless in making a difference. I post issues on my Facebook that are negative in their reality and I know that can offend some, but only because they choose to ignore the truth we all should be dealing with.

I keep myself away from other peoples shallow but enjoyable lives, as I don’t want to burst their bubbles and i know I’m a knob.

I put my own mind into Willy Wonkers world when I need to find my bubble but I know it’s not real but it’s my make believe, to bring back the wonder of humanity which I wish we all had.

I have a knack of going into self destruct when I get too successful and offending my own integrity (like this blog) but that is who I am this is why I prefer to live in the shadows of popularity, I’m just a broken man who over thinks and then messes up and in between these moments of Idiocy, I actually am, very very focused at what I do and I do it like no other in music (that I know).

I am able to know how skilled I am but know it’s just another way of proving I’m a knob head for knowing. I know everything I need to know but continue to lean more (Yes I can be contradicting also) I consistently make moments of defining dance music in every style of the UK Underground and have been doing this in dance music since the Acid house music days (see makes me sound like a dick).

I live a charmed life outside of the rat race and the media hype of the music business. No one even knows how I can do what I do without all the hype others seem to need, but good music always finds its audience and I have been very lucky in this regard.

I have spent the last 14 years creating a massive iTunes Lp story and it’s time to start releasing this and a lot of other music. I know the tight rope I walk will once again start to quiver and shake. This blog is a testament to this but it’s a cycle of reality between finding supporters that understand my music and making a difference in a positive way for them and me (as selling music allows me to live my unique creative lifestyle) while always not becoming the full blown PR puppet that others need to get their message out.

Highs and lows success and disappear this is my patten. There is so much music on its way, I can feel my self destruct switch rising in front of me as what i have coming is amazingly great (Yes I know ..dick again).

So I’m setting the bar here with these truths before I release any dance music.

I don’t want any preconceptions of me as this is who I am, a broken misfit where music is the key and the story in the music can become your story not mine. Just enjoy the ride I have created for what it is , An escape and also with a humanity changing message if you can find it .

I’m not changing anything about me as my world is what it is. I’m just putting my dance music out and and letting you all know in advance that no one can expect anything more from me as I’m not a PR person.

Don’t judge unless you want to be judged . I put my hands up to not being the cool perfect Mark Ryder person others think I should be in the music game but I live in a real world and I create escape using dance music and i know this gets me and others through the day. I believe that dance music is the key to freedom for all and I have realised I have a message to send which I can send through dance music. So strap in and the ride might get Ruff but hopefully you will love it.

Just remember ..
There is no room in my life for trying to be cool ..but if you want arsehole I have that in abundance ..:)

You need to remember this about me as the world you think popular people live in is all fake and i don’t do that to sell music or anything else.

I love being under the popular radar but with the need to sell music and as i don’t want free music downloads of all my hard work I have to balance my need for sales and the freedom i get from the sales to stay unplugged.

So my reality needs to be clear to you all as there can be no expectations of me dancing to your requirements because you bought something of mine and think you own me. I’m just not that person to jump through hoops for anyone.

Hopefully amazing music will bring positivity to you and others in need of a baseline infusion and we will be even on that trade and we can just respect each others differences…. The world is a messed up place we need dance music to escape.

Just remember who I really am.. Please Sign up on my web site for the exclusive freebees and free music downloads , and real samples of whats coming…
Mark ryder


A Serious matter for Apple (A Geeky fan boys view)

Today something very unexpected has changed in me. It’s something I would never have imagined with all that I know about tech and the companies I love, but I considered buying a non Apple product vs Apple.

I am an Apple geek. I have lived breathed and pretty much survived on Apple products since the Lisa II. I’m not new to the Apple way of doing things. I am a passionate defender and promoter of the Apple way and that passion has been Apples foundations thanks to millions of Apple fan boys and geeks like me who continue to promote and push the Apple world for its simplicity, efficiency and reliability.

There is so much more tinkering you need to do in a PC box and yes if you want something very specific you can create something very personal building your own PC but those things should always be left to really geeky geeks. Or those anal types who think that fixing computers is something that makes you seem cool even though they really should not ever need fixing if they were built and designed right in the first place.   I’m not talking about the frankenstein monster of some nutters PC Build.

I’m taking about the other 98% of people being productive with no crashing, no viruses, long term reliability and future proof software updates. Mac beats PC’s hands down every time. Just take it out of the box, switch it on and it just works .All that pain and worry of crashing, missing drivers, viruses, and just poor quality and design are for the PC users who think is normal but these things are rarely if ever to be experienced by a Mac user and that’s what makes Mac’s a really cool computer.

So what this blog about then?

A lot of us Mac geeks that have supported Apple all our lives and constantly getting that positive message about Apple to the not so enlightened are getting more and more disheartened with the ever increasing software hiccup’s and confusion of product lines and their naming systems. The slow upgrade cycles on the Macs is intolerable for pro users.

There is a vey strong feeling of disillusionment. The Macs are not getting the latest chips and the software updates (in general) are becoming bloated and confusing. iTunes is a Frankenstein iOS is never tested before release (it seems).

Apple is becoming more like the confused windows platform and to put petrol on the fire the PC world has been catching up to Apple. Its actually (dare I say it) looking appealing to switch and build a PC rig or a hackingtosh just to get the hardware I need to be productive.

Mac Vs. PC used to be so obvious it was light vs. dark. 

It’s just not good enough for Apple to have allowed their software to become a confusing monster on so many levels of its eco system. Even the iPhones are getting confusing in their myriad of different options and un intuitive and complex filing system and as for iClouds issues?

What happened to simplicity and ‘It Just works’?

Apple is supposed to make it ‘Just work’ and I understand tech is getting more complex but that’s supposed to be Apple thing, make it ‘Just work’.

Things should be instinctive to the user before they have to even think that they actually need to work anything out. That’s what Apple used to do best.

Apple needs to streamline their entire product line and its naming systems, which don’t work anymore. We just want a cohesive set of MacBook’s, Mini’s, and Mac Pro’s. All with the latest fasted chips in. I don’t want to wait 3 years for an upgrade on a Pro machine… that’s not even funny.

Get the dam software working and strip out the bloat. Make it simple. If need be, have two options on the iPhone 1)simple and 2)advanced because there’s too much to navigate and stuff is buried in deep and its confusing.  Build in obvious intuitive navigation so we can find what we are looking for.

Get Siri to be your Genius so we can ask Her/Him  how to do/find something on the iPhone and it can tell us and show it simply with a small animated gif .

Think of all the time and money you will save with all these Apple users currently needing to visit an Apple store for info Siri could provide.

Why is this mess happening?

I know people will blame Tim Cook (maybe there is some truth to this) I’m not blaming him I like his way for doing things as a person and he is not Steve (we all have to accept that) .

Tim seems to be a logistics person, more like a company man who is good at growth and such. He is doing a great job growing Apple but you can only stretch an elastic band so far before it breaks. This I feel is part of the problem. Tim is opening new markets for growth and Apple is being stretched beyond what it can cope with.

The core of Apple is to
1) make great things
2) make those things great.
I know what i just did there but I doubt Tim would disagree with the point I’m making.

If the Apple brains (which is its core) are spending more and more time tweaking Apple for new markets like India and China then they are not focused on the 2) make those things great.

This polishing of the great things Apple makes is paramount to keeping the halo effect. Releasing new products that don’t work as expected or crash or don’t get hardware updates in a timely manor is taking the polish off Apples sparkle.

It seems (to me) that Apple spending a lot of time trying to fulfil market growth by making what they already have translate in a different market segment on the planet. On paper this is good for the bottom line but it feels like short thinking for quick profits now. if Apple loses their Halo then they are just another tech company and the phone and computer business is becoming comparable as others catch up.

Everything needs to be perfect and its no longer the case and while Apple continues to be slow on hardware upgrades and pushes out buggy software updates the competition is catching up very fast and Apple no longer looks like the cutting edge poster boy/girl we love and cherish.

I think this is the issue at Apple. Taking the core brains at Apple off innovation and perfection just to re work old for a new territory rather than fixing polishing and advancing the simplicity of what they already have. Resources moved to department working on tweaking everything for new markets seem to me to be whats happening. I don’t know this but it sure looks like the focus is all about new markets to me.

Add to this that they really are trying to add new things to wow us and what you end up with is a very over stretched talent pool in the brains and talent department at Apple.

Tim continues to look at growth as the business model but buggy software and slow upgrades with the late hardware improvement will allow the competition to overtake . What then?

The halo will be lost and that market share based on expansion will disappear in a puff of smoke as some new competitors product over takes a stagnant iPhone or Apple computer.

Mass market People are flaky and not loyal to very much in retail but your true Pro users and long time Apple fan boys/girls are very loyal but we are also stretched.

The grass roots are fed up. Well I certainly am and I just want that polish brought back to everything including the hardware upgrade cycle. I want a really Pro computer from Apple which is way past due now. I find it unacceptable to be left waiting once again this time for 3 years.

Apple needs to take a really hard look at what they are doing and streamline it all while putting in place a stronger team working to deadlines for the halo effect. My personal feeling is that Apple (since Steve left us all) is a bit like a team of lost but extremely talented people they are in the fog when it comes to being focused on what is most important with too many opinions about what should be done. I see Tim doing an amazing job on the growth and expansion as well are global unity but if you spread the butter on the toast too thin you won’t taste the butter at all. The core (products and software) out the door has to be perfect.

Apple feels like a internal company trying to keep it all together at the min and not quite doing it well enough for us high bar fan boys, granted they are untouchable and still beyond reproach in their fields but when you have had the cream why settle for milk and thats why the fan boys are fizzing because we know just how good Apple truly is and its not been like that for the ‘it just works’ mantra for some time.

I think my big fear is that I can see it changing if Apple delays getting a grip on quality and simplicity and keeping the core Pro users on side.

Apple needs to sort out iTunes, iCloud, the updates, streamline and update the product lines before the true supporters start saying get a xx as its just as good and cheaper and more flexible (something PC users have always used in their arguments in the past).

No i have not bought a competitors box. It makes me angry Apple put me in this position to think about doing so but I’m too loyal so I’m throwing my dummy out the pram with this blog while I wait for the new Mac Pro.

Be a Man, not an Arseh*le

So yesterday I went to the Ideal Home show in London. It’s a massive exhibition about all things for your house and things? LOL

I don’t know how to explain it but I used to go every year getting things to make my little pad nice but as I travel a lot now I don’t need any more stuff than I have. Nothing really has the same interests as before, but it’s nice to cover old ground and see if anything has changed.

Sadly this trip reminded me how I don’t fit in normal society any more.

Travelling  home on the london underground I found myself getting so angry.

I would; without a second thought, instantly give up my seat for a woman standing but so many men would not.

My blood was boiling when a pregnant woman came on the train with a badge saying I’m pregnant and she was left to stand.

I made it clear to the people sitting in the end and a man gave up their seat but then behind my back carried on miming to his friends “who the fu*k does he think he is”

These are the things that remind me I don’t fit in. It was pointed out to me later that I could get stabbed for acting that way, but I just can not turn a blind eye to this kind of thing, for me its unacceptable, it makes me angry.

The world is so selfish. I know women want equal rights and that true and correct but our DNA is different and although equal right should be the norm for all thats dons’t change respect, maners and common decency.

Basic respect and doing the right thing don’t disappear because of equal rights and anyone who claims such should think again.

I clearly am old school but men are lying selfish horrible inside if they don’t have the basic respect to do what is just right, to give up your seat for a woman an elderly person or a pregnant person.

The world keeps turning a blind eye to the basic right and wrongs and in doing so the wrong becomes accepted as the norm.  It’s such a sad and disgusting way for society to behave.

People need the basics and the more we let the basics go the worse society gets.

This is why I don’t interact with the everyday world that much. I live by a saying “People are weird” it reminds me that their brains are wired in a totally different way to mine and all are different so none can be totally trusted or predicted this is why we have basic rules of etiquette or why we used to have them.

All I can say to any men reading this:

If your a real man, next time your on a train give your seat to a woman if she is standing. If she says no thanks then stand up and point to your seat politely as she is only being polite to you. You will know you are a better person than the rest of the selfish men sitting around you and she will know there are still men in this world who have the qualities of a real man. The other men might learn something also.

Apple and our right to Privacy

Here is a concept its based on facts we know but I will set them out and leave you with this dilemma.

So Apple is fighting to defend our rights to privacy that us citizens who own Apple products.

Terrorists also use iPhone and so the powers that be want to get into them by having Apple create a back door into our iPhones but this will also allow any hacker and wrongdoer access into our lives, bank account and personal data.

We the collective are law abiding citizens but there are also bad people out there so when does the ends justify the means and if we let the government have access to our phones and data can we trust them not to create a sweeping net approach to find reasons to prosecute and hinder what is considered by most of us to be a normal and law abiding life that we keep personal.

So here is an example of the government in their mindset for justifying their actions.

A judge has ordered the Federal Bureau of Investigation to turn over the complete code it used to infiltrate a child pornography site on the Dark Web, motherboard reports. The FBI seized the Tor-based site known as “Playpen” in February 2015 and kept it running via it’s own servers for two weeks – during this time, the bureau deploy a hacking tool that identified at least 1,300 IP addresses of visitors to the site worldwide.

I would totally agree with catching and erasing pedophiles but read it again. The FBI continued to run a website publishing child porn on their own servers in order to catch visitors to the web site?

At this point to me anyway the FBI are also involved in a criminal act and although they will say it’s to catch people visiting the site I’m sure they could do that without re distributing child porn.

Simply creating fake doorway pages for those accessing the site would give them the IP info they required.

But no; they wanted the child porn downloaded, it makes their case water tight, it’s lazy policing at it’s best and it’s as criminal for the FBI distributing and allowing it to be published, breaking the laws they are meant to uphold.

They will prosecute the pedophiles under those same laws and defend their reasons for breaking those same laws at the exact same time.

Believe me I want all pedophiles to be turned into dust

So before you miss the point please just hear me out because this not about pedophiles, it’s about the right to privacy on normal law abiding citizens iPhones.

This is about giving the government it’s own power above all laws (we all have to abide by) and free access to eveybodys iPhones around the world.  just for them to justify what ever it wants to do. They want to not be held by any law and this is a dangerous pandoras box you don’t want to open.

The fact the government agency can do whatever they want (including break the same laws of distributing child porn) to imprison another person accessing the FBI’s website shows that the government is above the laws its enforcing?

So now the stag is set here is my point!

How can you trust a government agency that is as morally low as the people they are trying to catch?
how can you trust they will not just plant evidence or be just as bad as the criminals but with the rights of law to enforce on others.

Lets now take a look back at their request for access to every iPhone on the planet and for this concept lets remember that they already are the owners of a live pedophile website they have run in the past on their own servers (to catch people) and this vast collection of pedophilia that they have been distributing is now part of their arsenal to catch other criminals.

Devils advocate says: –

How easy would it be for the FBI to insert some child porn into your iPhone and then arrest you for having it there?

Think about this and then ask yourself again should we have the right to our privacy by having a secure iPhone of not or should we give total access to the government of the day just so they can catch bad people or good people they don’t like by continuing to ignore the procedure and the rights of the law.

Anyone would think the only way to catch other terrorist was to access their iPhone must be living in a world where there is no longer anything know as police work.

Do you deserve the right to your privacy?

A back door or any means for the government to have free access to our data leaves us all open to any criminals in and out of the government.

Remember freedom is never free you have to become a voice sometimes to change minds and open the true debate about right and wrong.

The governments need to up their game and do the job they are supposed to not make everyone one on the planet less safe by making all everyday people more susceptible to having their personal data stolen by more criminals that also find the backdoor to our data.

Please share if you agree and want to put this case across for others to understand.

The art has gone, all that is left is the ego.

Everywhere now days you will see DJ’s being called out for playing mix cd and pre made sets and acting like they are Gods behind the Jukebox they think is a DJ Console.

What always makes me laugh is DJ’s actually think they are the creators of what they play and have some kind of god like control of all they survey with the mix is playing.

The talent is the producer who made the music. The DJ is a Jukebox yet they suck it up like they have everything to do with the music they are playing,

“So you selected the tracks from the latest releases of the top ten dance music chart and thrown in a few classics for good measure my iTunes can do that for me”.

Now more than ever it’s so obvious when you watch them put on their mix CD and pretend that they have anything to do but stand behind a CD Player with their hands in the air , pretending to turn a few nobs like they are the God of the sound and act like they have control of the ravers because “they the ego inflated GOD”

“…….Nah …..Sorry mate it’s embarrassing”.

DJ ing is all FAKE now!

laptops and pre mixed CD’s … FAKE FAKE FAKE IT’S an embarrassing job to watch people who think its cool, It stopped being cool when vinyl was eliminated from the art but they continued to call it Disc Jockeying..should have called it ‘button pushing’ BP or ‘Dick Jumping’ just to keep the letters DJ

It is embarrassing to be called a DJ I personally stopped a long time ago because being a DJ is the same now as being an arsehole

It’s funny to watch the auto sync and the hyped up person who thinks he is actually doing everything to make that event rock . Wake up your a egotistic loser  it’s embarrassing watching you…no really, it is.

If you don’t make the music your playing you are talentless . Your just a clown behind a computer, your life expectancy is is very short and the end result will be people laughing at you , because people are waking up to your ego and untalented bullshit.

kind regards

An Award winning  ‘Scratch DJ’ and Award winning record producer since house music was born.

Im not a DJ anymore…
Mark Ruff Ryder.


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