Over 14 years of planning & creating..

I have blogged this so many times over the last 14 years and here I am again, almost ready.

I have only really told a few close friends about this massive project because its so vast people can not comprehend it.

Sometimes in life you are all alone on a mission to do something you feel is unique and also very important to your own creativeness. This lonely life is all inside my massive project, as the albums unfold I am confident that people will realise the huge mountains i have climbed to create this.

So its now 2016 and I’m almost ready. Again! but its not hot air, I really have been working for the last 14 years on this massive project and it really is nearly so polished that I’m happy to say, I love it enough to let the first few parts of it out in the wild.

Apple seems to be upto a few things also with there mammoth shift to streaming (something I’m not entiarly happy about at all) Streaming is not helpful for selling albums and artist do need to be paid for creative works.
I have to keep on track with what i have been doing as I’m nearly ready to release.

I hope the mystery of what I have been working on will get you to sign up for my mailing list as I have some really awesomly cool stuff coming and you could be the first to tell others just how cool it is and that you have discovered it first.

This is not going back into 2017 honestly.. ‘The Master of the universe’ album  (Crying) is the best work I have ever done thats set for Jan 2017. My name is for ever more connected to many of the artist names i continue to pursue so if you never knew before you will soon know the many faces I am in this weird music business.


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