Don’t be a Glasshole !

Google glass a seedy tech gadget and why Google glass will eventually be seen as a pervert’s toy.

Have you ever seen the Google glasses?  do you know what they are and what they can do?

The users say it’s like having access to your phone always connected to one eye so you no longer have to go to your phone but in truth it’s all about having access to data without other people knowing you have that access , like taking photos or videos in a room, or in a Childs playground , or the toilets , it’s a seedy concept that is getting a backlash in America for all the right reasons.

I love technology but there has to be a line between what is acceptable and what is really just  a perverted device being touted as tech.

Wearers of Google glass are now called ‘Glass holes’ try and remember this when you see someone using them as the only way to stop this gadget is to embarrass the user into using it.

You know how annoying it is when your in a restaurant and the someones phone rings and they’re talking loud , or at a cinema?
well, that’s the price we pay for accepting mobile phones as our de-facto gadget,  because you can never stop all users from doing what they want to do with their gadget.

If we accept Google glass as the next incarnation of gadget then privacy will go out the window in all manor of ways.

Any Google glass wearer can film anything they are looking at without anyone else knowing.
Just take a bit of time to think about how intrusive that is,  anywhere they look, and you won’t know, they can take a photo or video just by blinking. I really do think this is a dark and seedy device and should be called out as such before it become acceptable.

Imaging where ever you go people were pointing cameras and filming you. Would you not ask them to stop? would you not feel your personal space was being invaded, well that’s what this does but you can not tell. then what might they do with those photos they have taken of you or the videos, it might be your children they are filming.

Some things need to be embarrassed out of existence and this is one piece of tech I find to be distasteful.

So the pro glass users will tell you that they can read text messages without picking up their phone ? duh! is that really that big a deal that you can not pick your phone up.

People are becoming less interactive with their surrounding than ever and hiding the things they are doing in public especially video and photo taking is a step to far,

What do you think of Google glass let me know I really am  interested to see if I’m the only one who feel that this is seedy device.


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