Over 10 years in the making and almost ready..

It’s taken just over ten long years of planning and design to create the latest series of Strictly Underground albums and very soon they will start to be released exclusively for Apples iTunes LP format.

Although the first few are on their way to Apple the remaining are still awaiting the final mix downs in a high quality studio to make sure they are the best they can be, but all this costs money and time and is one of the main reasons it’s taken Mark so long to complete this massive musical mission.

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How Apple can help fix the music industry..

If you’re a music maker chances are, you have some pirated software on your computers and if you have I hope you know that it’s just not right, yet, because it’s so easy to obtain pirated software online we all download it. We say quietly to ourselves that we will try it before buying it but you kidding yourself right?
It’s not easy to pay for something that everyone else is getting for free especially now that you have fully working crack on your computer.

They say a creative can be creative with anything but that’s a crock of ****. when it comes to electronc music, to be on top of your game you have also to be current and also up to date with the latest sounds, synths or any other creative arsenal at your disposal. I’m not banging sticks on a hollow block of wood just to claim that I can be creative.
New sounds and synths allow me to take the big adventure into being creative and the bigger the arsenal of sounds and synths at my disposal the more options I have to work in a constant flow.

For a few years I moved more towards the dark side of the pirated software and one person very close to me started to call me a bigot (and they were right) it made me re-evaluate my own morals and standards.

I remember Steve jobs saying that he had to pirate music in order to create the iPod and that left a bit of a lump in my throat when he said it, but I also realized that there was no other option for him at the time due to the laws of copying and transferring music and so the iPod was born out of a dark /gray area of piracy laws at the time.

Musicians don’t have that argument to fall back on as they can buy the software they are using to create whatever they create.

– See more at: http://markryder.co.uk/how-apple-can-help-fix-the-music-industry-pirated-software/#sthash.xIzlTriw.dpuf

Strictly Underground Records Exclusive to iTunes

Strictly Underground records is exclusive worldwide with Apple inc.

As an independent record label that has been involved in driving the underground dance music scene since 1988 Mark Ryder the company director explains his reasons for an exclusive deal.

"I Love Apple's ethos and their approach to this new and evolving musical landscape. This is the way forward for us. We want to put our music out while also keeping control of our digital rights in a trustworthy way and Apple have that honesty and integrity on every level, and we want to be apart of that.
All our music is made using Apples computers and software, They are the reason we can be so creative and we love their products and vision. Apple are the only company that can offer us a great user experience in this new digital world, while continuing to give us new tools to push the boundaries of the music we love. We have taken the iTunes LP format and embraced it whole heartedly and the results proves our passion to our music and this new digital platform Apple have given us. We have never been about making the most money we can, so just using Apple is more about being creative with all their cool new ideas that help us make our music more enjoyable and expressive than ever before"

You can find the first of Mark Ruff Ryder’s musical missions on iTunes LP format very soon.


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