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I respect everyone views online especially those who disagree with me because discussion creates education for both parties involved. I can be contradictory and I am willing to change my view on many issues.
I appreciate you all wanting to connect with me and I’m sure after reading my blogs you can see I’m a very troubled person.
I see the world very clearly and it scares me. I have friends of all faiths and orientation and as people; I love and respect them all.
Minds can never fully connect with each other but music always does and music is where I am talented;  rather than in my communications and views which are direct, to the point. I’m not one to beat around a subject I’m passionate about although i hold my tongue all the time if it’s not important to me.
My way of direct expression in the real word is not so socially cool but this is me, what more can I do? I could say nothing in order that I can be the nice guy or just because I want to sell records, People tell me I alienate people with my opinion but I always reply that I can only ever be real. People have to want to buy my music because of the music not me. If I put them off, that’s just how it is, I’m not a puppet I won’t ever be one and honestly I don’t think I am extreme or horrible in any of my opinions.
Maybe you can see why I stay underground and don’t do much PR.
I actually don’t fit into this world very well i am the square peg and the world is round.
I made a decision to be on here and try and make a difference with my opinions I’m not far right or far left I don’t fit into any category because both side have good and bad point. My stance is always based on people. I believe in working and being paid for my work. but I also believe in protecting the most venerable in society and equal right for all who want to fit into our society.
I see people first and love is the key to everything in my world but if I am told that I have to be tolerant of other peoples choices and opinions then they have to also be tolerate of mine. (Its a two way street not a one way street) this is where religion and tolerance clashes with me.

I see a bigger picture than most (the world orders life in layers its called ‘The layer cake”)  I am a middle class /working class guy i have been successful so possibly at the top end of this layer. I want to stay this way. I don’t like bling or hype it disgusts me when people belittle others with their money.
I have a lot of time to think about everything and look into everything. It torments me what I see and connect in the world. I see what other people in higher layers are doing to suppress those below.I know religion is the big player of intolerance and war along with money and greed.
I don’t have any of their power just time to see the real world forces.
There are four principles in this world that I will never let go of in my life and I will defend these issues to my last breath.
Below is where my moral compass sits, I can not force people to agree with me if they don’t want to but I won’t waver on these issues because they are at my core and my passion.
The 4 issues I will defend until I die:-
1. A humans full right to be or love whoever they want to be or love (LGBT) & (Over 18 applies) Love is rare, if you find it, you have found the most important meaning to happiness and every human has the right to find love.
2. Full and equal rights for women I would add them to the LGBT but people would be offended but the same applies as above respect for others choices and equality for all.
3. Freedom for all old people over 65 to live the rest of their life well and financially worry free. They have done their time and need respect and caring. a society is judged by how they treat their old.
4. Finding a way to change the worlds view of religion which I believe needs to be accepted but also curtailed. It should be seen as a mental illness that can be ‘an ok idea for some and a radical nutter idea to others’ but always it’s nothing more than an idea. I believe that Religion is no longer relevant in a modern educated world. Religions should not have the global power to change governments and the lives of others it should be penned into it own world and not enforce its ways on other the rest of the world.
My concept of Religion as a Mental illness defined :
If you have an invisible friend who you believe is watching over you and telling you how to live, eat, dress, and how many times you should pray to him all in oder to meet the invisible friend when you die.

It’s ok to have a mental illness I have one. I suffer from depression. I think we all have mental issues and most people can cope with them on a day to day basis so it’s nothing to feel shunned from society but it does need to be forced on others,
I can no longer get life insurance because of my depression I can not fly a passenger plane for the same reason. Religion should not have the power to change the world laws because it’s based on an invisible being that doesn’t exist outside of peoples minds.
I could list tons of mental illnesses you would not normal think twice about.

That Obsessive Cleaning Disorder or Dyslexia they don’t actually make you ill (as in sick) but the brain is working a little different. It’s a mind issue hence a mental issue. Some are mild and un-noticeable like Religion and it’s rituals and some are extreme and clearly a problem like Religion and it’s rituals…see what I did there hope it makes sense.
I would like to point out that the 4 things I defend I am actually not associated with personally I am not a woman or LGBT or Religious.
But all are at my core and my core is about LOVE and Equality. Anyone or organisation that attacks these rights for all is an enemy of the human race.
I know my layer in the cake of life actually makes my battle seem futile. But I also know that if you can start a small idea in people minds it can be like a crack in the wall blocking our way. It can over time run right through and eventually cause the wall to crumble and then there will no longer be a wall but a pile of dust leaving more places to rome and discover with an open mind and sense or wonder.
This is why I rant!
The only time I am truly at peace is when the music carries me away into my word of love and unity.

The little things are still your biggest asset..(Apple rant)

I have always looked at Steve Jobs and felt a synergy to him in my own life struggles, although in such a micro way to his massive achievements.

I felt as if I understood what he was trying to do and also his determination to make the best he could and also how daunting for others around him that could be. Yes I am as determined and twisted to get it right but as I said on a micro scale in comparison.

Anyway he still is an inspiration to me and I continue to try and do the best I can with the little money and energy I have and almost no external support. Over 8 years working on my iTunes LP’s should tell you how determined I am to get it as good as I can.

I did a blog mentioning the new guy at the helm of Apple and I suppose I was trying to compare apples with oranges, which is never fair so for that I feel a bit guilty although for me the sentiment is still real.

Tim Cook is someone I know nothing about (I most likely knew nothing about Steve jobs but I could feel his presence in the company and the products as I am sure others did).

Recently Tim Cook did something I would say was clearly Tim as he took a stand as Apple used its power to support gay rights in Arizona and also at the share holders meeting he made it clear that he would never weigh the right thing to do, against a return on investment, both of these statement and real actions have made me realize just how cool in a different way he is.

All this sounds like I am bonding with a new head of Apple and maybe I am? But in truth something really bad would have to happen for me to really drop what I believe to be a unique and un comparable global company, who in every day of my life helps me to achieve my own goal’s through using their amazing tools.

But i still feel that there is trouble at Apple and it’s something that could make the whole barrel of apples rotten.


I know it’s not just me and I’m a fan but I am seeing it happen and it’s never happened before in my love affair with Apple.

Freezing and glitches, what? This cannot be Apple software? No please say it’s my computer that’s faulty but not the software. That would be like an uncontrollable infection that could kill all that Apple has built up over their lifetime.

“It just works!” that’s the catch fraise, that’s the first of many things that truly defines Apple from Microsoft or anyone else.

We all laugh at freezing windows computers that constantly need rebooting and badly written software that constantly needs fixing just to work, but what’s this?

My computer is having tiny little almost insignificant tantrums, like not shutting down when I tell it to or not closing a window or dare I say ‘screen freeze!’

I know about the issues with Mail and when I read it I laughed as if to be thinking “well if you want to use Google mail what do you expect” as most issues where due to Google’s un orthodox mail system and well ‘Google are evil’ so you use them you will get issues. But wait?

I got the recent update and suddenly my computer has been having little tantrums. Is it mail causing them? I don’t know as safari has been freezing and logic keeps on scanning my plugins every time I open it, which takes a long time and is annoying.

My MacBook Pro is 2 months old so I know it’s not that although I find myself wishing weirdly that it is as then I would know it’s just me and not a corporate failure to make sure everything was Apple standard perfect.

Sadly I read the message boards and others are having issues and to me this sounds like the beginning of the end unless Apple gets a grip and remember the first rule is “it just works”

If they don’t get a grip on what might be seen as minor glitches immediately then they will lose the prestige they have spent years championing and a key reason why they are so iconic, and I am not talking about losing me, I’m thinking about all those new people who are expecting a polished perfect world where everything they want to do can be done easily and as they would have imagined in a perfect polished and seamless operating system.

I can wait for the next great innovation Tim, that new watch, bigger iphone,

I’m sure your talents are stretched across all this future stuff but without a foundation of quality what’s the point.

What happened to “we don’t put it out until it’s right’…Mavericks!, Mail?

Please Tim it’s time for all hands on deck I don’t want to compare apples and oranges again but it’s always going to be like that I suppose as Steve was my hero and I feel like he would be jumping and screaming at these glitches.

I know you’re not him but you know what makes Apple great is that “It just works” …please sort it out ASAP.


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