Over 14 years of planning & creating..

I have blogged this so many times over the last 14 years and here I am again, almost ready.

I have only really told a few close friends about this massive project because its so vast people can not comprehend it.

Sometimes in life you are all alone on a mission to do something you feel is unique and also very important to your own creativeness. This lonely life is all inside my massive project, as the albums unfold I am confident that people will realise the huge mountains i have climbed to create this.

So its now 2016 and I’m almost ready. Again! but its not hot air, I really have been working for the last 14 years on this massive project and it really is nearly so polished that I’m happy to say, I love it enough to let the first few parts of it out in the wild.

Apple seems to be upto a few things also with there mammoth shift to streaming (something I’m not entiarly happy about at all) Streaming is not helpful for selling albums and artist do need to be paid for creative works.
I have to keep on track with what i have been doing as I’m nearly ready to release.

I hope the mystery of what I have been working on will get you to sign up for my mailing list as I have some really awesomly cool stuff coming and you could be the first to tell others just how cool it is and that you have discovered it first.

This is not going back into 2017 honestly.. ‘The Master of the universe’ album  (Crying) is the best work I have ever done thats set for Jan 2017. My name is for ever more connected to many of the artist names i continue to pursue so if you never knew before you will soon know the many faces I am in this weird music business.

iPad Pro…woop woop

When bigger makes everything smaller

Next year Apple will release a bigger iPad Pro with a 12” or possibly 15” footprint?
I for one cannot wait, as this screens real estate is going to make my portable studio into a seriously small and mobile package.

Technology has got so good that I am now able to pack a desktop Mac Pro into a laptop in the shape of my 15” MacBook pro Retina. I have everything and more in this little bundle and the only thing now that’s cramping my workflow is screen real estate. Even with a Retina display some things are too big and I need another screen but there is nothing out there that’s big enough and yet still portable as the tablets seem token in size for my needs and having a big monitor makes me stuck to a desk again.

Things are going to change

The wish list for me is this new iPad Pro with is bigger screen and thinner than thin design. I’m hoping it’s a simple no wires, sync to logic X and It will provide me with two screen to extend my creative and mobile setup.

Personally, this will be one of the best new additions to the Mac family as the only real issues in time management I have is the time it’s taking me to constantly move thing around on my laptop monitor, when I really want it all up and running so I can just continue to be creative.

I can already in visage a future detachable screen from the laptop bass so that two screens can be attached centrally to the keyboard.
This will be an awesome Pro set mobile set up. Come on Apple get to work my dreams wait.

Geek Speak – Don’t ever be fooled by the spec of things.

So a long time ago I bought the fastest computer Apple made (at the time) in the form of a Power Mac Pro Quad core G5, it cost me around £6000.00 all told with all the drives and memory etc and for me it was a no brainer as I was writing so much music I needed all the power I could get.

The thing is I really used that computer and I seemed to have limitless space and power to be creative and so it has stayed with me now for over 7 years (Yes seven years) you would not think a computer could last that long and still be usable but 4 core processors and the expandability made it last and work perfectly with no real issues in my work flow.

So I knew I had to buy a new computer as a whole generation of intel processors had passed me by, but that series had stagnated for a while and so I was waiting for the latest Mac Pro to be released as I though I was doing ok with what I had.

So I waited and I waited and waited and right near the end, I got so frustrated I went out and bought a Mac book Pro Retina 15”,  due also to me going to work abroad and needing something that would be portable so i treated it as a stop gap.

It’s taken almost 6 months to make a studio in this intel box and leave the old tower system to begin collecting dust but with this transition I have realised a few things that are really important and that I think are very important to share.

You can not compare products by processor speed or cores anymore. When you look at a computer you might think that a 2.4 Mhz processor is the same as a 2.4Mhz processor of last years model or 5 years a go model but they are not. The speed of the processors do not really increase anymore as they all seem to top out at around 3GHz yet every year a new process comes out.

Having my seven year old G5 Quad core I though I was still kicking the envelope in processor speed and in a way I was as most laptops I know about did not do more than 2 cores so my old beast I though was still faster. I’m pretty sure now that I was wrong in this respect as the incremental designs in memory and processors have made a new duel core faster than my old quad core, yet the top speed of the processors seem on paper to look the same for both and I have four cores against two cores?

So what am i saying here? the best way to put it is if you bought a car in the 1900’s with a top speed of 100 mph would it be as fast as the latest design car with a top speed of 100 MPH, on paper, yes but in practice one will get there faster and the other will get there slower.

The new processors are blisteringly fast in comparison due in part to all the other parts in the stream and as such new processors can actually process more commands in a shorter amount of time making them faster in ways that can not be measured by the limits of the processors top speed.

My new Macbook Pro Quad core laptop is off the scale in what it can do in comparison to my 7 year old Mac Pro G5 Quad core desktop computer and that’s the real reason why updating your computers is actually really important if you are in the business of being productive and creative on a Mac.

I’m currently on a massive project writing the Dub Step mix album (vol.6) , it’s a 49 minute constant mix in story form with about 10 different musical songs across over 150+ separate tracks and I can not believe this little laptop is holding up. I would have maxed out at around 60 tracks on my old G5 Mac Pro.

I’m pushing this little laptops limits and I could fry an egg on it as it gets so hot. I know now I have to get the latest Mac Pro (8 core) but this laptop is still allowing me to be more creative and adventurous with my ideas than I could have ever dreamed of before.

As a side note : If you have the old Macbook Pro non Retina (pre late 2013) I can guarantee if you upgrade you will not believe the difference, all these little incremental upgrades Apple do, are far more than a simple processor spec update.

One final worry I have is these new Intel Processors coming at the end of the year (Broardwell-Y) as Intel are claiming that they won’t need a fan due to them being a thinner 14nm Fab process and so this will allow laptops to become thinner. Sounds good but..

I really think Apple need to keep a fan in their Pro laptops as Pro’s push their processors to their max and they get really, really hot and need cooling down. I had to work with the air conditioning unit pointing at my laptop just to keep it from crashing out and that’s not due to bad design it just I’m really pushing the absolute limits of this machine. hence why I now need to get the new Mac Pro (8-core)  to finish this project.

People who think they are doing well on their current or 3 year old computers will be blown away when they upgrade to the latest Mac’s and with the new OS around the corner and new Mac laptops in the wings, 2015 is going to be the best year to upgrade.

P.s You can hear some snippets of the new DubStep story album taking shape on my website main page.  Click the album image to get the player.

Don’t be a Glasshole !

Google glass a seedy tech gadget and why Google glass will eventually be seen as a pervert’s toy.

Have you ever seen the Google glasses?  do you know what they are and what they can do?

The users say it’s like having access to your phone always connected to one eye so you no longer have to go to your phone but in truth it’s all about having access to data without other people knowing you have that access , like taking photos or videos in a room, or in a Childs playground , or the toilets , it’s a seedy concept that is getting a backlash in America for all the right reasons.

I love technology but there has to be a line between what is acceptable and what is really just  a perverted device being touted as tech.

Wearers of Google glass are now called ‘Glass holes’ try and remember this when you see someone using them as the only way to stop this gadget is to embarrass the user into using it.

You know how annoying it is when your in a restaurant and the someones phone rings and they’re talking loud , or at a cinema?
well, that’s the price we pay for accepting mobile phones as our de-facto gadget,  because you can never stop all users from doing what they want to do with their gadget.

If we accept Google glass as the next incarnation of gadget then privacy will go out the window in all manor of ways.

Any Google glass wearer can film anything they are looking at without anyone else knowing.
Just take a bit of time to think about how intrusive that is,  anywhere they look, and you won’t know, they can take a photo or video just by blinking. I really do think this is a dark and seedy device and should be called out as such before it become acceptable.

Imaging where ever you go people were pointing cameras and filming you. Would you not ask them to stop? would you not feel your personal space was being invaded, well that’s what this does but you can not tell. then what might they do with those photos they have taken of you or the videos, it might be your children they are filming.

Some things need to be embarrassed out of existence and this is one piece of tech I find to be distasteful.

So the pro glass users will tell you that they can read text messages without picking up their phone ? duh! is that really that big a deal that you can not pick your phone up.

People are becoming less interactive with their surrounding than ever and hiding the things they are doing in public especially video and photo taking is a step to far,

What do you think of Google glass let me know I really am  interested to see if I’m the only one who feel that this is seedy device.

If only there was a way for us to all realise we can change things together.

I am sitting here in my bolt hole in Bulgaria around the pool, the sun Is shining and the music is playing it a dream place to be and I’m spending two month alone here working on trying to finish my dub step album. It’s the end of a series that’s taken me 10 years to make and it’s time I got it finished. But I’m round the pool and there are loads of other people here mostly (the last few weeks) from Russia and although our language is different it’s clear to me that we are actually no different, we all want the same things, we are all striving to get through life and succeed and try not to have the pressure of life get us down. The thing is I look at all these people in the pool and smiling and enjoying themselves and all I feel is a pointless feeling, as if it’s a circle of life that goes no where, then I hear the seagulls laughing and suddenly I feel emotionally happy.

Why is it that it takes the laughter of the seagulls to perk me up, I mean I’m living a dream life in a place that’s amazing and it’s sunny and filled with holiday and party people.

Depression is not so simple to explain but then I see many children being pushed around in prams and it makes me smile again they are so fragile and expect nothing from the world, they have no sense of racism or hate, they are just open to all the experiences the word can offer them and I, for a moment, hope that they will change things for the better, but I know it’s not that simple and it’s us that have to trail a path to make their lives easier with less hate for their future. why can’t we do that?,

How can we make a difference to let the new bread of children grow up in a better tomorrow? I wish there was a simple answer or a way for us to all unite and change things but then I come to the conclusion of despair again. I have negotiated the conversation back to where it began, depression, no hope for change why!
Until we can stop the religious programming of each new generation. This world we give to our children will always have war and intollerance.

Over 10 years in the making and almost ready..

It’s taken just over ten long years of planning and design to create the latest series of Strictly Underground albums and very soon they will start to be released exclusively for Apples iTunes LP format.

Although the first few are on their way to Apple the remaining are still awaiting the final mix downs in a high quality studio to make sure they are the best they can be, but all this costs money and time and is one of the main reasons it’s taken Mark so long to complete this massive musical mission.

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How Apple can help fix the music industry..

If you’re a music maker chances are, you have some pirated software on your computers and if you have I hope you know that it’s just not right, yet, because it’s so easy to obtain pirated software online we all download it. We say quietly to ourselves that we will try it before buying it but you kidding yourself right?
It’s not easy to pay for something that everyone else is getting for free especially now that you have fully working crack on your computer.

They say a creative can be creative with anything but that’s a crock of ****. when it comes to electronc music, to be on top of your game you have also to be current and also up to date with the latest sounds, synths or any other creative arsenal at your disposal. I’m not banging sticks on a hollow block of wood just to claim that I can be creative.
New sounds and synths allow me to take the big adventure into being creative and the bigger the arsenal of sounds and synths at my disposal the more options I have to work in a constant flow.

For a few years I moved more towards the dark side of the pirated software and one person very close to me started to call me a bigot (and they were right) it made me re-evaluate my own morals and standards.

I remember Steve jobs saying that he had to pirate music in order to create the iPod and that left a bit of a lump in my throat when he said it, but I also realized that there was no other option for him at the time due to the laws of copying and transferring music and so the iPod was born out of a dark /gray area of piracy laws at the time.

Musicians don’t have that argument to fall back on as they can buy the software they are using to create whatever they create.

– See more at: http://markryder.co.uk/how-apple-can-help-fix-the-music-industry-pirated-software/#sthash.xIzlTriw.dpuf

Strictly Underground Records Exclusive to iTunes

Strictly Underground records is exclusive worldwide with Apple inc.

As an independent record label that has been involved in driving the underground dance music scene since 1988 Mark Ryder the company director explains his reasons for an exclusive deal.

"I Love Apple's ethos and their approach to this new and evolving musical landscape. This is the way forward for us. We want to put our music out while also keeping control of our digital rights in a trustworthy way and Apple have that honesty and integrity on every level, and we want to be apart of that.
All our music is made using Apples computers and software, They are the reason we can be so creative and we love their products and vision. Apple are the only company that can offer us a great user experience in this new digital world, while continuing to give us new tools to push the boundaries of the music we love. We have taken the iTunes LP format and embraced it whole heartedly and the results proves our passion to our music and this new digital platform Apple have given us. We have never been about making the most money we can, so just using Apple is more about being creative with all their cool new ideas that help us make our music more enjoyable and expressive than ever before"

You can find the first of Mark Ruff Ryder’s musical missions on iTunes LP format very soon.


Depression  is a pain in the arse

i don’t have a right to be depressed because there are people in this world where shit is really happing to them yet my mind is in deep thought about how pointless everything is.. How can i be so self centred in a world that is so cruel to so many in worse situations than me….you would think i could shake myself out of my own self pity.. I’m a completes self centred arse!

My Social Media Life..What you need to know

I respect everyone views online especially those who disagree with me because discussion creates education for both parties involved. I can be contradictory and I am willing to change my view on many issues.
I appreciate you all wanting to connect with me and I’m sure after reading my blogs you can see I’m a very troubled person.
I see the world very clearly and it scares me. I have friends of all faiths and orientation and as people; I love and respect them all.
Minds can never fully connect with each other but music always does and music is where I am talented;  rather than in my communications and views which are direct, to the point. I’m not one to beat around a subject I’m passionate about although i hold my tongue all the time if it’s not important to me.
My way of direct expression in the real word is not so socially cool but this is me, what more can I do? I could say nothing in order that I can be the nice guy or just because I want to sell records, People tell me I alienate people with my opinion but I always reply that I can only ever be real. People have to want to buy my music because of the music not me. If I put them off, that’s just how it is, I’m not a puppet I won’t ever be one and honestly I don’t think I am extreme or horrible in any of my opinions.
Maybe you can see why I stay underground and don’t do much PR.
I actually don’t fit into this world very well i am the square peg and the world is round.
I made a decision to be on here and try and make a difference with my opinions I’m not far right or far left I don’t fit into any category because both side have good and bad point. My stance is always based on people. I believe in working and being paid for my work. but I also believe in protecting the most venerable in society and equal right for all who want to fit into our society.
I see people first and love is the key to everything in my world but if I am told that I have to be tolerant of other peoples choices and opinions then they have to also be tolerate of mine. (Its a two way street not a one way street) this is where religion and tolerance clashes with me.

I see a bigger picture than most (the world orders life in layers its called ‘The layer cake”)  I am a middle class /working class guy i have been successful so possibly at the top end of this layer. I want to stay this way. I don’t like bling or hype it disgusts me when people belittle others with their money.
I have a lot of time to think about everything and look into everything. It torments me what I see and connect in the world. I see what other people in higher layers are doing to suppress those below.I know religion is the big player of intolerance and war along with money and greed.
I don’t have any of their power just time to see the real world forces.
There are four principles in this world that I will never let go of in my life and I will defend these issues to my last breath.
Below is where my moral compass sits, I can not force people to agree with me if they don’t want to but I won’t waver on these issues because they are at my core and my passion.
The 4 issues I will defend until I die:-
1. A humans full right to be or love whoever they want to be or love (LGBT) & (Over 18 applies) Love is rare, if you find it, you have found the most important meaning to happiness and every human has the right to find love.
2. Full and equal rights for women I would add them to the LGBT but people would be offended but the same applies as above respect for others choices and equality for all.
3. Freedom for all old people over 65 to live the rest of their life well and financially worry free. They have done their time and need respect and caring. a society is judged by how they treat their old.
4. Finding a way to change the worlds view of religion which I believe needs to be accepted but also curtailed. It should be seen as a mental illness that can be ‘an ok idea for some and a radical nutter idea to others’ but always it’s nothing more than an idea. I believe that Religion is no longer relevant in a modern educated world. Religions should not have the global power to change governments and the lives of others it should be penned into it own world and not enforce its ways on other the rest of the world.
My concept of Religion as a Mental illness defined :
If you have an invisible friend who you believe is watching over you and telling you how to live, eat, dress, and how many times you should pray to him all in oder to meet the invisible friend when you die.

It’s ok to have a mental illness I have one. I suffer from depression. I think we all have mental issues and most people can cope with them on a day to day basis so it’s nothing to feel shunned from society but it does need to be forced on others,
I can no longer get life insurance because of my depression I can not fly a passenger plane for the same reason. Religion should not have the power to change the world laws because it’s based on an invisible being that doesn’t exist outside of peoples minds.
I could list tons of mental illnesses you would not normal think twice about.

That Obsessive Cleaning Disorder or Dyslexia they don’t actually make you ill (as in sick) but the brain is working a little different. It’s a mind issue hence a mental issue. Some are mild and un-noticeable like Religion and it’s rituals and some are extreme and clearly a problem like Religion and it’s rituals…see what I did there hope it makes sense.
I would like to point out that the 4 things I defend I am actually not associated with personally I am not a woman or LGBT or Religious.
But all are at my core and my core is about LOVE and Equality. Anyone or organisation that attacks these rights for all is an enemy of the human race.
I know my layer in the cake of life actually makes my battle seem futile. But I also know that if you can start a small idea in people minds it can be like a crack in the wall blocking our way. It can over time run right through and eventually cause the wall to crumble and then there will no longer be a wall but a pile of dust leaving more places to rome and discover with an open mind and sense or wonder.
This is why I rant!
The only time I am truly at peace is when the music carries me away into my word of love and unity.


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