DJ’s PLEASE> Just do one thing right at least

DJ’s PLEASE> Just do one thing right at least

If you want to sound good then get real with my lesson 1 and 2 of the very basics of a pro DJ before you ruin the underground music scene anymore with your careless attitude to the music and skills that producers care over in making the music you play out!

I know that I nag on about the MP3 Gen of DJ’s with their push button mixing and ‘no talent’ pre-made sets all faking the ars’ out of the real talent of being a DISC JOCKY, but having recently gone to a Drum and Bass night where my good friend Para was djing I was really pi**ed off to HEAR that some of the other DJ sets sounded so crap in QUALITY OF SOUND it was embarrassing to the record producers hard work in creating their music as well as for the ravers that attend clubs around the world…

I go on about buying the music you love but if you are going to get paid to play a set then you definitely should buy your music as a serious file and not an MP3

Look wake up! Downloading illegal rips of low rez tracks makes you sound sh*t when you are playing on a top sound system..

Think about it please… there is a saying > put Crap in and all you will get is Crap out… this applies to the quality of the mp3 file and not the producer’s music (that’s a different debate on crap).

 A great tune on a low quality MP3 will NOT sound GREAT!

Mp3s might sound like they boom on Apple ear buds but play it on a 20k sound system and it will sound like your iPhone speakers at 20 thousand watts. Your headphones in the DJ booth might sound great but those turbo sound speakers in the club are hardly playing anything in the bass frequencies or if they are it’s a poor rendition of what the producer intended!

“An MP3 is a squashed music file it’s soul purpose is to strips away almost all the frequency’s that a pair of small Apple ear buds can not reproduce in order to make the size of the file as small as possible for download and storage it is not a professional file format for a DJ.Let me repeat myself: it’s (mp3 format) goal is to strip away as much as possible from the recording in a way that you don’t notice these frequency’s missing (in ear buds) A club sound system can actually play those discarded bass frequency’s so the mp3 file is only good for tiny little speakers and any serious dj using this format for club use is clearly a Nob..”

Source: Mark Ryder. Record produce of bass shaking underground dance music since time..


There will be no clarity / no bass shaking eye wobbling ripples throughout the club only the sound of a squashed mp3 file being blown up to twenty thousand watts and screaming in the mid rage while the bass bins are hardly working.

You need to buy quality sound files (or very HI Quality Mp3 files at the very lease). Only formats that are uncompressed are pro formats, do not just think any old stolen download of the track you want will give you a DJ set to play out… 

Currently a lot of what I hear is bad quality sound files being played out its stagnating the scene and making a sham of it.

The upside. My mate Para played a wicked set and he buys every track either as HI quality downloads or vinyl and it showed when the bass boomed. He put the headliner DJ to shame in many ways but just dropping a track that sounded like thunder! Was all it took for the crowd to take note of his arrival on the decks. 

So wake up and take note.

If you want to be a killer DJ?

Lesson One: Quality of music files you use, the higher quality (uncompressed format) the better YOU will sound.

Lesson Two: Quality of music files you use, the higher quality (uncompressed format) the better YOU will sound.

I could go on with these lessons but it would turn into more griping about no talented Computer button pushing gen that call themselves DJ’s in order to cream the glory from the talented and real disc jacking few still out there working the decks live and pulling tunes from their record bag just seconds before playing in order to read and control the audience in that club at that moment.


I digress…

Anyway After lesson one and two then you can be any type of DJ you want

Whether you are the preset (made this mix last week) (type DJ)

‘Look at me I’m faking it all but pretending I can DJ by bouncing my head to the beat as if I am actually syncing a track for that moment’

Or the

I could not mix two vinyl records randomly picked from a DJ bag (type DJ)

‘Yes I am clicking the start button live (sync on) on every mix and looking cool like I’m the controller of your fun and you think I actually pitched all these track live in the moment’.

That bit of skill is yours to choose but lesson one and lesson two has to be paramount because punters who paid to hear your button pushing skills have the right to really enjoy the music that the producers (the real talent in the music) are making for those really expensive  sound system speakers in that club and a good sound file can make those speakers do what they are designed for…shake the floor and make the crowd worship the music! (Oh i meant worship your button pushing, as I know you think it’s all about you “the D isfunctional J ocky” )

Kind regards, always

Mark Ruff Ryder
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