Time is on my side even though I wish I did not have to wait !

Time is on my side even though i wish i did not have to wait!

i have always know that the complexities of what i have been trying to achieve in my new iTune LP music venture was always going to be hard to translate to others without them actually experiencing it also the technology has not really been there for my project to really work in the way i want it to (although now it can)
My kick-starter never really got off the ground as i just can not get myself into that place where i am asking people to help me, as asking for help is a very alien feeling having spent all my life doing it alway on my own or with known friends but aways exclusively on my own terms.

I’m just not socially interactive but these set backs in crowd sorcing ventures don’t really stop me moving forward as this is how its always been ( you can not get everything and every idea right but you can always try another way)

i have 3 tracks holding me up on the first album as they are waiting to be mixed down and while i am finding time for this i am currently just trying to deal with the cold UK weather and the day to day things that take up more time than i would like but i am confident in my project so these set backs don’t faze me although they are very frustrating as it would be nice to just get it all sorted and out but thats not going to happen quickly and i will continue to work on the final stages and hopefully later this year volume one will get released and the ball can start to roll..

nothing is every as smooth as you might hope but my history and determination don’t ever fail me so time can only hold me up for so long and then boom! i will be ready!


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