Pulling myself back to a normal life.

Over Xmas I decided I would try some real work to see if I could get out and integrate into the real world after years of depression, it’s not that times are hard but they are definitely not as good as they used to be, but that, I suppose is true for everyone in these lean times.

So anyway I thought about the things I have always wanted to do and most were in retail as in my very early days I had worked in a record shop and also in a computer store and I had always enjoyed it so I looked around and found this night job in Sainsbury’s which was only temporary for the xmas period and I decided to apply for it and see if I could cope with a normal regular job and the interaction I normally avoid, also it would be an night job stacking shelves so not too much interaction.

I was nervous but also excited when I got an interview and given a position and yes I actually really enjoyed the vibe of all the people as well as being able to just be another worker was a really satisfying situation for me and I soon made loads of new friends working in the night shift.

I never told anyone of my music work as that always spoils things with expectations or questions that make me always feel uncomfortable.

The temporary job ended in January but I have an itch to do something else so I have made a list of the sorts with jobs I want to try and I have Mc Donald’s at the top of my list as I love the fast pace of work and that seems pretty fast but maybe also other shop type jobs doing something different and when I have had enough I could hopefully try something else while all the time still working the final tracks on the first album and keeping myself busy.

I know some people reading this will wonder what I am doing but I am going through a healing process right now and trying to get into the real world as a normal person and i am  actually enjoying these little adventures.

No I don’t have to work, I know how lucky I am and my music has set me up for life but I needed to be more interactive on a roots level with real people and i needed this to help keep me busy and away from my depression, so right now it all seems to make sense and I’m enjoying it. I’m like a kid with a new toy.

Who knows I might be serving you your next Big Mac 🙂 lol


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