Closer but I still have to finish this alone

Closer but I still have to finish this alone

At last (I may have said this many time before but.) I am almost finished!

I have almost completed this long journey at lest I know I am now on top of it with the first iTunesLP vol.1 Anthems actually completed in the digital sense, so there is nothing left to add visually or programming but it’s still one step more in that I have to re-mix down the whole album to a higher mix standard as I realize that so many people now listen on small ear buds and I want it to sound great so it is still waiting in the wings while I try and gather enough money to do this last process. 

I though I would put up a Kick Starter campaign to see if I could generate support but that brought another realization that I have no direct connection to a fan base for the music I have made in the past and this is due to my own constant attempts at keeping as low a profile as possible and just letting the music do what ever it does.

I don’t have the power to muster campaign support or the knowledge and even though I have face book, in truth I have no idea how to use it and don’t really like the direct communications and groveling you need to do to alert people to your cause.

My campaign on kick-starter is not going to be realized and I knew this after the first 3 days as I could not really get behind it myself as it goes against everything I have done in the past. To promote myself to get people on board is not who I am.

Times have changed since there was a meeting place (record shop) where people could all congregate and listen to the latest sounds or find out what was happening in the scene and no days in this internet world information is spread all over the place and un less you are prepared to put in the time to pester everyone then you will not be heard in the noise of so many other people doing it.

Anyway I learn as I travel through this new way of making music and eventually releasing my music.

I realize its not going to be easy getting my new music out there and it will rely on those that do hear it making the effort to promote it to their friends on twitter or Facebook or via iTunes links or however they tell others about music they like.

I still believe in what I am creating and I know like I always have in the past that good music will always find an audience that appreciates it and so I have to just hope that once it’s ready for release even if it takes a long time it will still rise up and be noticed above the noisy music space that now exists.

I am still excited with what I am creating and just want it to be perfect as I know quality is very important and after spending a ridiculous amount of years on this I need to know it will be the best I can make it so now I’m looking at March 2013 for the release of Vol1 and possibly Vol2 but don’t hold your breath as I have been promising this project for 8 years. Its not easy working alone on something others don’t understand and its especially hard when they don’t think what your doing is anything but a hobbies and a focused from depression and it has been a good focus from my depression but that’s because I know how good it is and also how it could be a success and help others around me if it takes off as even though everyone is now making music you do also (if you make something really good) have the potential to distribute it to the world and that’s a dream I have ha all my life in making music, to get it to people all over the world so yes it keeps me focused and I will see it to the completion and then its up to those who hear it to decide if its worth their time and support to tell others about it and help me be a success at the end.

On another note My depression is not as bad now days I don’t seem to have the dark times although I do have some deep moments but not dark anymore so things are looking up in many ways.


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