update .. almost ready (again)

I felt it was time I write an update blog just for the record.

At last everything is in its final stages I can’t believe it’s been almost 8 lonely years from inception to completion and still I am tweaking it over and over.

I used to laugh at how easy it was for me to make new music and yet still sell so many without actually realizing the effect I was having in the uk underground music scene

I now realize with hindsight that this project must have marked a radicle change in me as an artist and in the industry I have been a part of for so many years as it was no longer just about the vibe it some how changed into it being about the ‘art’ and when I think about this change it sounds totally anal to me as it was only ever about the vibe in the past.

I console myself in knowing that the vibe I loved has slowly eroded and in parts has all but disappeared (or at least changed radically) due mostly to the invention of the mp3 iPod as people could all of a sudden consume tons of music very quickly and then dispose of it and in doing so they never really got the ‘vibe’ of a great Anthem tune pounding on a massive 20 thousand watt sound system while 30 thousand people all danced to it. The were preferring to have their own music in their ear plugs rather than a collective musical scene

it transformed into a pair of little white ear buds on a small player for a single person and the added addictive forward and backward skipping button that people instinctively pushed after only a few seconds of a stolen download on a low quality mp3 rip.

So yes I had to get creative ‘Arty’ with my music or ‘arsy’ depending on my mood but I don’t feel I have compromise the music vibe I just realized a long time ago

(8 years )

That the big events and way to enjoy my style of music (collectively) was changing and I had to find a way to captivate the power and excitement and energy of my music to each indevidule and in a different way

I never though it would take 8 years to create something that in the past would have only taken a few weeks or months (if it were only the music).

Anyway it’s almost done but I am once again re-tweaking the first two albums still not feeling I have that perfect quality stereo sound for little white ear buds.

Yes its frustrating trying to make a perfect sound when in the past a fat baseline and 909 drums and a riff was all I needed knowing that the volume in a club took care of the rest but those days have gone so my music has to now sound like perfection almost pop its so crisp and it takes a lot longer to tweak as I am and never have ben a professional record producer .

So anyway I have spent the last month recalling the mixes (again) and doing them all over and that’s still going on

The iTunes LPs are almost completed having had to find another programmer (which is so so difficult to do) but he is good so that stress is over and my plan is back on track,

Money is still tight like I can not explain as working 8 years on a dream that has yet to sell anything in a world where its more likely to be stolen than bought is not easy at all and can be very soul destroying as everything cost so much to do (programmer) and the time to do anything is also a pain as I have to do so much of it myself due to money constraints.

But all this said I’m upbeat having changed my Flouxatine tablets (for depression) when I moved back to the UK (almost 1 year now)

I actually don’t feel as depressed and my work keeps me totally occupied every day but in truth I rarely go out and have great difficulty handling stress and any sort of serious drama but my cool cat has settled in the UK at last (he hates the cold) and he is like the loyalist dog a person could own 

(Yes I know he is actually a dog trapped in a cat’s body)

So its nearly ready and hopefully Apple wont spring anything radicle changes on me with their next set of retina requirements as I did ask them and they said there was no change to the itunes LP spec as yet which is good as doing it all over would kill me.

I am going on holiday for a month in a few weeks but will still work online and hopefully when I get back to the uk I will be uploading final iTunes LP albums in September for Pre releasing to those that want to pre order them

Oh also my book ‘The rip’ has been proofed a few time and I feel this is also nearly completed that also was a bit of a night mare as you have to have a proof reader that understands your story so I when through a few of them before finding another si-fi geek who was into my plot but I am still tweaking that in-between the music so that it will also ready prior to releasing the first set of albums.

Its been a long journey and is all been put down in a musical mission covering 9 albums and a final book with the main story line being volume 1-6

Its epic and unique and hopefully worth people buying it and enjoying the whole massive musical trip

I also feel like the depression is no longer so heavy on my shoulders so everything is good right now

Its time for the final prep before releasing this adventure. 



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