Going mobile?

Going mobile?..


If you have read my ranting’s then you will know that I am a gadget geek and I love Apple products.

You might automatically assume that I have all the latest Apple gadgets and gizmos and I do have a few, especially when it comes to computers but actually one thing you might be surprised to know is that I don’t actually own an Apple iPhone

*GASP* I can hear it now as you read this “what no iPhone?”

Well actually I have not owned any sort of mobile phone since 1993

Gasp again then LOL 

I know sounds impossible that anyone could not have a mobile phone in todays world but I don’t, although I do have my reasons.

Back when everything was so hectic in my life (1988-2000) my hands were into everything, radio stations, parties, music and much more

But around 1993 especially, my phone would never stop ringing, in the supermarket, on the toilet, everywhere, it would ring as soon I would end a call and it was really annoying  as I came to realise that having a phone actually made my life worse rather then better and once this realisation hit me I just decided to throw my mobile in the bin and that was that 

If people wanted to call me they would have to use the land line and leave a message,

it was one of the best things I did as it did not lower my work productivity at all or make life difficult I realised that there was always a phone handy if i needed to call someone and if not then those calls could always wait until I was at home so I freed myself from being at others beck and call (excuse the pun).

I still today laugh at the woman pushing the pram on the phone like things are so important that you have to take a call no matter where you are? its almost like people want to look important in a crowd now days and are wishing the phone would ring just so they can talk very loud and look busy even if they are cueing to pay for their weekly shopping. 

Anyway for me

I have never looked back from this way of running my life but now having written two iphone apps  I realize that there are areas of knowledge I do need to know better and that you can only truly understand if I actually own and use an iphone myself (that’s funny to me as i still dont want people ringing me).

I mean when I borrow someone else’s mobile I feel like an old fart, as I don’t know how to use them like… and i really should know.

I understand the tech and I have bought iPhones for my nearest and dearest and so now i might need to own one just to not look like an old fart when i have to use one.

If you’re wondering, I should point out that up till now I have tested all my iPhone apps on an iPod touch.

Maybe it is about time I got a iPhone but with that thought I’m wondering if my life will once again be controlled by others ringing and making requests that put me in the position of having to change what ever it is I’m doing at that moment.

Maybe I can hold out for the iPhone 5 loll

Will have to see if I can put it off a bit longer



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