YouTube are still Just using smoke and mirrors to continue to exploit Artist

YouTube are you still Just using smoke and mirrors to exploit Artist  or are you going to allow the Artist to get paid for the content your streaming that you don’t own?

Since YouTube started they were known from the very start to upload peoples music and video content themselves without consent just to get people coming to their website 

Its true they would Shamelessly exploit anyone in order to become the massive company they are now and it worked.

Well nothing seemed to have changed at YouTube, they still let anyone upload content without out trying to help the true owners of it  

Yet in the real world times have changed for those using this digital landscape.

I don’t have a problem with fans doing things with the right intentions at heart for the Artist as they are not at fault as the system of today is all about comunication ‘sharing information’ .

Since those eairly days there are now some legal rules that allow content owners if they choose to request YouTube and others to take down their content.

This is a legal requirement forced on companies like YouTube 

But this is not the extream action that an Artists want to do as there are bettways to make the system work, especially if the uploader most likely would be a fan wanting to just tell the world how good the track or atrist is.

There is another way for Artist to gain some income from the playing of their music on YouTube and without resorting to demands to take their work off of YouTube.

You know those little banners that pop up on YouTube videos. Well that’s advertising and someone is getting paid when that flashes up even if you don’t click it

but is it the Artist? NO.

The thing is, YouTube don’t actually want the true owner to be payed for the videos you watch and so they won’t let Artist enter this lucrative arena where they can be paid via an advert on a fans page (that is playing the artist song).

This is once again YouTube pretending to be the friend of all but really just using other people’s media for their own financial gains.


But the system is in place to allow Artist to gain that money!

I have for almost a year now been trying to join their revenue program and all I have to do is be allowed in, but YouTube intentionally keep it in “beta” saying its not open yet, but really they have the big boys in there raking in advertising income while locking everyone else (us little people) out so as the keep the income of the billion other smaller artists income all for themselves and i’m sure there are billions being made in advertising views.

I can’t think of a better way to say it other than is thieving, making money off someone else’s hard work without compensating the owner.

I have found hundreds of fans that have posted loads of my music on YouTube. The view hits have been huge and I’m not getting paid at all.

I don’t have a problem with the fans as they are doing what they consider is fair to help promote my music but the advertising of all those people hearing it is an income being generated but not going to the Artist whos music the viewes are there to hear someone else (YOUTUBE) is getting the money so the Artist is just a means to an end with the Fan one side and YouTube the other.

I am unable to get revenue from the advertising that each user generates when my music is being streamed to them via YouTube but thats the whole point isn’t it?.

One day and I hope its soon these digital con merchant companies will be old news but I doubt they will care as they are just in it to steal from the true artists and creators of content as its always been.

YouTube are not creators of content only a means to stream content and as such should be paying for every piece of content on their massive database to all the owners of it.

but they don’t they rake in the advertising revenue for themselves and the select few who have the means do sue them and eveyone else is shut out of the game.

Scumbags have been all over Artists since the digital age took hold

But…. for all those that might be included as a scum bag thieves, 

Please know that since the beginning of the digital revolution I have never made any of my catalogue available for sale in digital form NEVER! Not one track! On any SHOP ONLINE 

MY MUSIC IS NOW EXCLUSIVE TO ONE COMPANY iTunes this means if it’s anywhere else then it’s illegally there and if its bought from any other place then iTunes then its not a legal purchase.

Its not on Spotifi or any of these streaming radio places that also dont pay what they claim to to be paying to Artists its only for my fans directly from iTunes and word of mouth as always is how it gets to the people that matter.

Some time in the near future I hopefully will get a chance to sue people like YouTube as I can prove my work and where its available and when that day comes I hope all these thieving scum bags lose all of their ill gotten gains but sadly i know already that they will already have stolen enough revenue leaching the blood out of the true content makers to not care.

YouTube you need to pay for the work you use right now and allow artist to get paid for the enjoyment their music is bringing people on your web site.

Open the door to the advertising revenue as without artist you are destined to die so don’t bite the hand that feeds you

This is the smoke and mirrors excuse YouTube have used for over a year now while they still continue to rake in the income from its use.

This is a Beta program, and we’re in an ongoing process of refining, improving, and scaling the system up to meet everyone’s needs.


Bills, bills, bills, and still not a release!

Bills, bills, bills, and still not a release!

Something I have learned the very hard way is when you take things up a level thing incrementally get harder and cost more.

Its like walking along the sea front on a clam day. The wind is nice, it’s a bit cold but you enjoy it and the sea is just sliding in and out slowly, that lovely shushing sound of the pebbles rolling up and then back as the sea breaths in and out.

That is when things are easy. In my world of music it used to fell like that. I could go into the studio and I was part of the furniture I just plugged in and all the equipment just bent to my breathing it was not hard work and it was enjoyable and easy to do, I was the music my passion flowed with no complex stuff  just the calm sea and a nice walk was how easy making music was to me back then and i loved the challenges and would live in my little studio room until i had expressed the vibe i was trying to create but i loved doing it.

 Go on READER close eyes and your mouth and take a slow deep breath`!

 In through your nose and then slowly open you mouth and let it out.

Go on do it…


That was how easy making music was for me back in the days when raving was massive and dance music was still called electronic .


Things have changed so much. I can’t say I find it hard to make music but now the making of music is almost incidental to all the other stuff you need to also do.

It feels like I’m trying to take that same breath in a room which is filling with smoke and I am choking as I try to breath out.

Its not that I have lost the ability to make music its just now the fight to complete the task ( and breath out) is so much harder because its no longer just the music I have to complete.

Its all the digital stuff I’m having to do before I can release anything and exhale and thats because the industry has changed so much from just making a record and putting it into a shops

The real cost to complete any single task is no longer about just making the record. Its much more intricate now if you want to get the attention of the public.

I have to be so precise about quality using so many different expensive applications and paying for other peoples specific knowledge in this digital world just to ensure that I am making something that’s of more value as everyone wants more than just the music if they are going to buy it.

Music can be ripped for free so now I need to offer so much more in order for people to want to pay and get the true value in what I am doing.

I know I could continue to just knock out tunes as MP3’s but in todays world they are worthless and disposable fodder for a world where music is now just a small file you can delete and replace for another and as for the pressing of vinyl (the old way) with the few record shops left, it is just as pointless a way to continue.

I know I have had to move forward but the bills the bills the bill

I made a track once in less than 5 mins while my girlfriend was drying her hair and she was shouting at me to be ready but I had this idea and it involved only 4 parts I had in my head and i had to do it but time was against me (women don’t take the word ‘ just 1 min’ very well) but i had this tune in my head and i had to express it before it was lost.  it used just

1 break

1 stab sound

1 vocal sample

1 bassline

You would think that it would be a bish bosh, waste of time but I am always firing with ideas. The track was called ‘Moon stomping’ it took 5 minutes to make and I had it in the shops on Vinyl in less than two weeks and it sold in the first month 20,000 copies on 12”.

It’s a simple tune but addictive and back then it was a perfect rave record and no- one else was on my tip or style. Playing a tune like that at a rave of 20-30,000 people, the quality was in the volume, it was about having the right sounds and being fresh. 

I did not have to be so precious with my production or the cover on the artwork. Most of my artwork back then was hand drawn or  was cut letters stuck onto a label then photocopied.

5 mins while my girlfriend was drying her hair!  lol

Sounds stupid but music is a funny thing and being creative can sometimes be even funnier. You just know what works and if it’s good then its good as its all about the vibe.

It was easy to take risks with music I never put my name on hardly anything knocking tunes out that I knew were good but also protecting myself from the negative kick back if people did not understand my style

So here I am now 21st century music maker

I can still make music, I love it and my skills have improved over the years as my history in the charts will confirm but now I am stuck in so much new technology which I have to wade through in order to release anything worth the attention of the digital world public.

Artwork has to be polished and to spec, design, story, game, digital platform specifications are mind boggling

It’s not really music any of this stuff but it all has to be done and because of this I have had to sit on 6 really cool albums (I think) so that they stand a chance of being noticed in the crowded space of the throw away digital music world.

6 years! and during this time I have been trying to live and pay bills while doing this but also paying Hugh amounts of technical bills also.

The first two years of my digital work were written off totally as I started the massive project doing it all as Flash comics and videos

Apple kicked Flash out and I had to start all over again

People close to me (who should support me) are totally tired of me and my attempts to finish this project it’s now a boring story of “it will be finished soon” which i seem to say a lot and being told in response “get a real job” which is now the general perception of those around me

I think that’s sad as I know what I’m doing g is really cool but there is always a point when you can say “it will be out soon” one too many times and people start to think you’re a “west of space, living in dream land” and still the bills the bills the bills

All need to be paid.

I have sold almost all my studio gear and still the bills are coming but getting a full or part time job would just set my work back even more. The project is just so big and it all has to complete around the same time

I never realised how big and technical it was and how expensive it would all be but still I think it’s the dogs nuts and really cool but if no one tweets it or Facebook’s  it then I’m still stuffed.

Is this what being an Artist is about now days?, I suppose it is

That calm walk along the sea front is more like the hurricane season and I’m still there now, pushing against the gale to get to the other side.

Then there’s the final process “soon” I will be releasing it and it might still get stuck under a pile of music being release and never get seen

That will be the worst thing as then I would have been proved to have been a “waste of space”

I have been in this situation a few time before in my life, on the edge of loosing everything but somehow my belief in my work and what I do gets me through and I manage to get back up and the bills can all be paid again but this time there is so much more doubt with the world as it is (in recession) and pirating as it is (stealing seems acceptable) and how disposable music has become.

Will anyone care?

and if they do will they actually care enough to buy it?

or only care enough to only steal it?

Most people don’t get the opportunity to put their life into a project like I have always done.

I think people generally they take life day to day and they make ends meet but I’m not like most people I have always believed if I work hard with the passion I have for what I do and believe in what I’m working for I can succeed!

I can make people happy with the music i make and also make a financial return from my passion in music allowing me to continue being creative and paying my bills after all my efforts and risk.

So if you’re wondering about this blog

This was me thinking out loud, as I know “it will all be out soon” lol  at least when it is i can exhale again..



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