Success or failure, which would you, choose?

Success or failure, which would you, choose?

I know we all want success it’s a no brainer of a question but there is so many types of success but with it comes many pitfalls and so I’m not talking about the obviousness of the question it’s the deeper meaning of getting success which is what comes when you have it (all the bad baggage of success)

We all strive for success to achieve our goals and to win in the race but looking at my life and others from a distance.  I see so many facts to be very wary of the whole success thing and the way everything works once you have it.

Like it or not we all live in a kind of bubble we create for ourselves it’s our life eco system

The music business I have built is in a bubble of my own underground music and there are other in this eco system bubble also we might not all interact but our output is for others who also consume our music because they are also in the bubble as consumers.

No matter how open people think everything should be in reality we are all inside our bubbles and we also cross over into other peoples bubbles if we choose to. its almost like a collection of cells that clump together all separate bubbles but creating a cluster

In my bubble I always knew there was only ever a handful of talented producers making the bulk of the music under many different names, when I say a handful I mean 10 max covering the years 1988 to 1995, yes there were hundreds more people in the music bubble having a go and every now and then they might hit the sweet spot and make a good track but it was not consistent and just a one off so that to me was not true talent it was just a great break but not true talented as true talent never stops it knows what’s going on all the time over and over again there were only a had full of producers who could/can do this even now, and I like to think I was/am one of those  and only history can be my judge

But there were other bubbles that also connected to my cluster of life crossing bubbles i look up to one company in  particular and their work as it play’s a massive roll on my own ability to be creative in what i do in my musical quest to find a sucess i am happy living with.

Yes you guessed it Apple Macintosh Computers Inc.

They have a bubble also their eco system of computers doing their thing their way like Steve Jobs the visionary and his little empire and a handful of other innovators but then also again there were countless others also doing things inside that computer bubble but only getting it right may be once then disappearing just like in my music bubble.

I see these bubbles all over the place pick something you really respect and appreciate and then look at what bubble it might sit in and compare its comparable products and see where it sits in the hierarchies of that bubble ask yourself is there a better product maybe more expensive but better you would get it instead if money was no object? If the answers yes then maybe your iconic product is just a rip off of the real thing? But if the answers no then you should also be able to see how many others in that bubble are just imitators circling around it, feeding off it but with no real compass or vision as to what’s next or where they are heading just waiting to suck the blood from the next innovation that the real talent is creating inside that bubble.

If you work in an office you know also who is the talent and how many are just clinging on and taking the credit feeding off others who really have the talent but are kept down in order that those untalented others can take the glory for themselves,

I suppose it’s the way of the world a few lambs and hundreds of wolves.

What’s the point of this blog I’m sure your asking yourself?

I suppose I have always seen so much frustration with being successful and sticking out too far knowing the wolves and vulchers in my music and my life bubbles will come and ruin me and cause pain and destruction on me if i get too noticed or sucessful.

This is how i have always felt about sucess, ans so with this in mind this blog felt like a current issues with Apple Computers as they are trying to fight off the wolves and cirucling vulchers in their computer bubble, a true icon and innovator and it has similar problems being sucessfull but whats even more infuriating is my frustraition at the ignorance in people who seem to be buying into the wolves and Vulthures cries of foul while those same Vulchers continue blatantly ripping the living flesh from the Original innovators (Apple)

All this unique Lamb is doing, is fighting back in the courts against the Vulchers (who have no true vison or ability to be different).

Lets be honest here REALLY!

 Apple designed and re-invented a Unique and original tablet that worked and in doing so opened a whole new market of products for consumers

Now that’s the simple and obvious part but the not so simple or obvious information when you read it is they DESIGNED EVERYTHING! nothing looked of felt like it before they made it!

If a car was a car was a car then why do we all have different cars?
would you be seen in a clumped out Datsun sunny? Or would you prefer the latest Ferrari?
design make a massive difference its not just 4 wheels and an engine.

With this in mind how come all the latest phones and tablets are always looking like Apple products?  These are the wolves biting at the lamb or the vulchurs ripping the lamb while its still alive

Look at how Samsung are shamelessly ripping off everything Apple, from the hardware looks and the way it is designed and runs and the even the advertising of the product.

And Android if you have ever used iOS you will know just how bad Android is in its very poor imitation of the real thing and again look and you will see they can not even come up with a different way to create icons for the thing just blatantly ripping off every nuence that Apple do

Also Amazon Ripping off everything also? Ok they take the biscuit with the CEO dressing like Steve Jobs in the company’s launch of their cheap and cheerful tablet.

This Wake of company’s are jumping all over Apple taking their ideas and hard work and vision and destroying it with no regard to all the effort and time and love that has been put into every aspect of the ideas, marketing and design.

It annoys me (in the third party aspect that I find myself) to hear android users slate the iOS like they really don’t realise they are using a bad imitation of Apples iOS and also Samsung users all praising a bad clone of an iPad after being duped into thinking its just as good because it looks the same and when these users get these cloned devices be it phones of tablets their best defence is their devices are not restricted like Apples products but forgetting how useless the thing is as it wont work right.

Also hearing people complain at Apple for fighting for their intellectual property rights as if they should just lie down and be eaten by the wolves

It’s so sad people don’t realise their own ignorance to the facts.

Who is creative?

Who is just a backstreet forger making knock off imitations?

I make music and i own my work totally so I deal more with wolves rather than than the vulture but it is all the same in its way 

Don’t get me wrong i’m not whiter than white, i do take ideas from those greats that have travelled before me in music but I don’t clone their music that would be piracy and in the music world you can be inspired by a riff and create something new and original but its never a clone everyone knows its ether a remake on something old or its something totally new in an original way but its never a bootleg clone/hack but this form of use is cleared and acceptable in music even a totally remake can be cleared with the credits and publishing being sent to the originator of the works so music is not so complex but hardware and computers etc and the whole miss selling and representation of products is almost impossible to do in music..

I mean did you see the amazon presentation I mean they are just lower than low to totally copy a presentation that Apple would do I mean the dumb nuts can’t have 1 idea amongst them but then to do it makes it is unequivocal proof that they have no morals or individuality and have to take every cue from what Apple does to ensure success by duping the public into thinking its as good as Apple products just because it looks almost like them some how.

So that brings me nicely to my very first comment about success and failure the answer is still yes everyone wants success but with it comes all the nasty gutter types who want to use you and at the same time see you fail they have what they need to become a knock off and shoddy clone of you and they have the power and the might to fool the masses into thinking they are innovators when really they are just scummy money hungry vultures.

I realise this is why all my life I have tried to stay in the shadows always trying to be a successful enough to pay my bills but no too much to be noticed by the vultures and get caught up with the low life’s that way out number the nice.

Sorry for the benefit of my son who’s reading is pretty good but some words he has trouble understanding I would just like to explain some words in this blog for him here.

Vulture is the name given to two groups of convergently evolved scavenging birds (note to son I have used this term to explain the corporate entities like Samsung Amazon Google/ but I could have added HTC and others So you replace the word ‘Birds’ with the text “companies like “ then just add the companies names to get the same explanation in the human world of business) 

Wake is reserved for a group of vultures who are feeding


And another thing!

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned before but the last 6 years while working on the Albums and Music and Games and Comics ?

I was also writing a book!  Lol how funny that sounds to me *chuckle*

I am the ultimate ‘Jack of all trades’ and as yet to be a master of any ?

Lol got to laugh, it’s funny

But seriously my plan was not just about the music with the comics and the Apps the book was always going to be a final project to this digital monster.

It just had to be because I was using all of Apples media outlets 

I wanted to follow the dream Mr. Steve Jobs had for convergence of all these different media outlets through his awesome bubble of hardware and simplicity so I knew had to have a book!

I mean it wasn’t as simple a decision as that or the only reason for it to happen
I must admit when I took on the daunting task of moving my whole way of life from real tangible items into the digital world it was always going to be with Apple because I have always believed in the same things as Steve jobs vision, his dream of convergence and simplicity. 

I never got the idea of the PC guy who always felt intelligent just because he knew how to fix his crashing computer? that to me was a fault idea of clever?

So I knew a book would round off my work in all things digital and I kew i could write a story that was bigger than just a comic so I began my digital scribbling and when ever  I lost the will in the other digital outlets I was working on i would go to my writing.

Being creative is normally about being different and trying different things and sometimes you don’t want to always be different so when you’re feeling normal you’re normally not feeling creative well that’s how it is for me anyway

It’s the challenge that spurs my creativity I suppose and so if I have a block on creating music I will switch to my book or the comic so I could always be busy just in many different ways

I’m almost finished with my big story telling it’s the last part of the set and the story continues from the last comic book which is volume 8 in the Apps and iTunes lp sets of the albums and comics

Geez! 8 albums and comics! 

I hope it is all understood and just typing that comment I realise how that has been an underlying fear throughout this massive mission 

“what if no one understands this?”


Too late now!

The book is the geeky of all but I think I will find a fan somewhere for this but first I need to send it to someone who can sort out all my bad punctuation and spelling errors!

The book is called “The Rip” it is the Ruff Ryder pt3 if you follow the Apps but it will be an iBook not an App

It’s all about time travel and the madness of it all 

I hope people don’t kill me for trying when its released as I have not tested it as I don’t know anything about the book world 

i don’t even read books so I’m out on a limb here, but I think it’s a good read if you like Si-fi and the pitfalls of time travelling

We will soon see I m hoping to start releasing the iTunes LPs just before xmas but definitely its all systems go beginning of Jan 2012 and hope I get the support from fans as there is no money for press releases or advertising!

Just Strictly Underground Support as always



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