Too deep to understand in our understanding of what understanding is?

yesterday i lost a family member to cancer

He was a good person and i sat by him as he took that last journey from our reality to join the collective of the universe and beyond our understanding of what we many might call the other side of our perception of reality

I’m not a religious person and my thoughts are too deep for many around me to understand i explain to those around me that if we are a caterpillar we will live life not realising that when we think it’s time die we will build a cocoon and die yet as a caterpillar we will not realise that we will actually re emerge as a butterfly… this is simplistic but i find it the best way to explain something that is far to complex for me to transfer about our reality and the universe

life reality and death all are our invention we create for answering the questions we can not answer but there is a bigger truth which is life is a word we have created in our minds

we see hear and talk and using these senses we perceive the world around us but this world is limited by our senses even science is our way to understand what our senses can measure and catalogue

religion also is another invention we use to answer the questions we create to make us understand what we feel we need to understand

listen to this video it is for people in our reality to try and leap past our senses and what we call consciousness to understand that there is actually far more then our understanding of what and who we are but we can never know what it is until we leave the life we understand as life and return to the universe

May be my words are too deep for me to explain to many but i hope some understand me

Take a moment to try and understand what is being explained as even your understanding is just in your mind and is part of your own understanding of what is but is actually NOT

The last Words of the video tells me he is ok as i understands the meaning of ok

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fWtBq8uWKE?wmode=transparent]


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