Deep thoughts…The world we live in it’s a funny place

The world we live in it’s a funny place 

we work to make money so that we can live but we only make enough money to live a bit 

so we have to work and this seems to be the circle 

do we live to work or do we work to live? it gets muddled as there is so much going on all the time..

Like the which came first “the chicken or the egg”

Somehow we lose perspective on which is important the work or the living and we end up like zombies just getting through the day only to start another one just like before 

What changes?

I seem to think a lot about these sorts of things but I doubt most other people do because we are all kept busy by governments and the need to work to live, which is created by government in order that we don’t take the time (which we dont have due to the need to work to live ) tto think about why we keep doing this circle and what is important.

I know its going deep I will try to keep it simple it’s the eternal question “WHY?”

This word has no defined answer it can only ever be a question the answers are many and  comes from each individual and I’m sure the answer makes sense to the person answering it but that’s because its always a personal answer but what of the bigger “WHY”

The human race “why” or the life on earth “why” these questions get lost because we are all so busy working to live we don’t know the big “why”

I don’t know it either I’m just having a philosophical moment again and putting my thoughts down

Oh incase anyone want’s to know the answer to which came first “the chicken or the egg” I have a unique answer that I came up will after many hours of deep though…

The answer is “The fish”

I know many of you don’t get it and you might never but I believe we evolved and if you know science and how we evolved then you know life started in the sea before it got to land err go “fish”

My deeper album will be coming eerily next year if you like deeper although its no way as deep as I go when I’m thinking on my own.and some of those deep places have dead ends

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