at last.. at last the game has been submitted to Apple

Yes now the nervous waiting ……has my game made it to the grade with the Apple approval board??

yes the app is uploaded and awaiting review by Apple…

woo hoo exciting and also curious what will Apple and people think about it ?

i have been locked away on my massive mission for so many years i am out of touch with what others are doing yet i still feel totally confident that what i’m bringing is quality and totally unique and originaleven the game its a real game not one of these 1 min play and throw away things but who knows? its not going to be for everyone but its only 1 part of the whole project
has anyone done anything like this before? the game maybe the rest NO WAY! will it be received as something new or just the same old rehash…game maybe the rest NO WAY!
i’m mixing all my artistic talents into these apps so i doubt anyone else in the billion apps out there will be like me but then ,,,,
will it be found ? i mean this blog has the smallest amount of followers as does my Facebook and definitely my ping i could 4 followers as of today on this blog and 62 on ping and maybe a few hundred on Facebook
all alone lol 🙂

no i’m not worried as i don’t do the “HYPE” i don’t play the people and i do do the “Large” and generally I alway keep things to myself and just blog for my own thoughts to see how i am doing when i read back which i have yet to done the last 5 years but i know i have been changing and growing in a music world that has also been changing and growing radicallyand keeping things close until i am ready is how I have always been until something i have done takes off and suddenly i’m all over the place again and i’m pulling everything back in as a panic reaction.

but this time i wont do that …. this time its going out there and lets see how well it can do…..this time when i let the cat out of the bag there is no putting it back in and running behind the sofa this time i have a true global market who can access what i’m doing and i wont be able to stop it if it starts to take off

exciting times i know somethings going to happen because this is the best stuff i have ever done in my life and having 20 years of music making and having done some super big things i’m excited but hopefully that wont turn into fear if thing get too big or too small

i’m pretty sure i will cover my debt i have incurred these last 5 years making all this stuff but nothing in life is certain and i would like to get back all my studio equipment that i have had to sell on eBay to continue to fund this musical project as i only have a few bits of studio left which i’m holding onto for deal life but might have to sell if things don’t move forward on my project soon..
Im always looking for middle ground ? enough success to survive but no so much that i drown in expectations and pressure.
and enough money to pay my bills and debts the roller coaster ride i live being an artist its never like you think it is NEVER!

hope apple like it and don’t knock it back as i’m so close to ready now..


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