This was the only way for me to go..


Looking back would i have gone through all this?

I can not believe the amount of work i have done these past 4-5 years on this project its taken my sanity and all my money and the ride has been about as bumpy as you could possibly imagine no. Much worst!

I’m almost finished and my pockets are bare my hair is going grey and all i can think about is getting over the mountain of work i have left as i know that still no one will understand what i am doing until its totally completed.

When you come up with an idea to do something its never going to be easy but looking at what i have done this far i have to say if i knew it was going to be this massive a project i would not have though i could do it but having dragged myself though learning Photoshop like a pro understanding the apple SDKs and the apple products for delivery of digital media, countless sleepless nights and just after midnight starts,

I can say without hesitation that its been just one massive hurdle after another but i have never given up as music is my life and all i know so i had to push my ideas through into this new digital world..

I have had to redefine what being creative in music is as now there are so many layers to creativity to get something really worthwhile out there.

But i suppose that’s where being an apple fan boy makes you do….. the whole “think different” 

This is who i am and even though I’m thinking different i know i’m still inside Apples world but it’s still my unique project being brought to the iPhone /ipad and apple TV using my story ,music and my ideas and my hard sweat of understanding all this new technology and making them work for me in my very unique way.

Having run my music company for 20 years and after screaming unfair at Apple and throwing the vinyl record dummy out of my pram I sat back for a while and watched the ipod strip away the soul of the artists but then i decided to take the next leap into the new digital world of music but not like the rest of the world did.

i wanted what would come after the ipod and it had to bring back the artist and the album experience

I have taken my time and tried to do what i love while not letting the new way strip my life from me and make me just another 6mb MP3 file to throw away

This is a totally new delivery systems but unlike the other 99% of the musician world selling their shirt to be on itunes I’m proud to say what I’m coming with is the next evolution for serious musician and its more for  iPhone/ipad rather than the mp3 player

I absolutely hated the mp3 with 1 track and one picture as it took away everything passionate and romantic about the artist leaving the bare bones of the music which might sound ok to a lot of fans of music but when apple did this they took the soul out of the artist as well as a way for the artist to get their story across in the other mediums of the time which vinyl and cd provided them

No more record sleeve to ponder on while listening to that new album, no more sleeve notes and artist inspired artwork to compliment the music the whole experience go shrunk down to a small mp3 file in some ear buds while rushing to work…

I totally hated the mp3 for doing this and Apple also for killing my world of vinyl and CDs but although i was broken i was also fixable and this is how my 5 year plan to be better than an mp3 without losing my faith in the music i make and the energy i give to my musical story’s.

I’m feeling excited but also relieved i can really see the end which will also be the beginning but having ranted about piracy and stealing music I’m happy with what i have created and i think people around the world will want to buy it because its not going to work right in bits and bobs and cracks and its not even going to be expensive in comparable terms to the 5 years of hard work and money i have invested into making it and i hope people realise this is very different its not just an mp3 its an artist journey being taken in ways never before done and i have done this all on my own but for a few programmers and friends less that 7 other people across the 5 year journey all helping me with my ideas in this new technology.

All this for music? 

Well its all i know and if you know anything about me you know my life is the music without it and the escape it bring me there would be nothing for me…

Drum roll…… go on check out my YouTube and see the trailers its comic on the iPhone ipad and apple TV sorry this is exclusive apple product and if you get a crack for android or you just rip an mp3 you will just miss the whole point and experience.

A story told in music over 7+ albums its my story with some sci-fi flavour for us apple geeks to enjoy but every page has its own music and the music tells the story also and each albums music covers a different underground style from dance / commercial dance/ jungle/ rave/ drum& bass/ dub step…and more

No one will come close to this for a long time as we can all knock up a tune in 5 mins but this takes years of crafting to create and more ideas than Microsoft’s whole company can think of. (Ok i know that’s not many ideas but you know what i mean)

I have made the whole project from start to nearly finished the story the music the comics the game you name it there has been only one persons artistic ideas on it all so i hope you will look out for it soon as I’m just about to deliver the iTunes lps for the first 3 albums and the game and comic apps are almost completed.

I have no more studio equipment to sell and I’m hoping when/if people buy this i can use that money to buy back all my precious studio gear and get back to making more mad musical trips. What ever happens I’m amazed at how good its turned out and I’m pleased to have survived what has been the darkest hardest lonely journey in my whole life and the story will explain it all if you read between the lines.

This is what an musical artist has to go through in order to feel like they are getting their musical message over and i think this is the way forward for all serious artists as the faceless mp3 file can never represent the depth or an artists soul, You need the other parts to understand and connect with an artist hopefully i will connect with my audience with my life’s work so far will become valuable to them. coming soon exclusively on an Apple products near you.

Woo hoo I’m getting excited!



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