Its not an apple blog!! woo hoo


OMG its not an apple blog!!

For a change..

Its funny today i looked at my ping account and i have 60 followers im not one for cheating the numbers to make myself seem more important or grab intrest because i look popular

I’m a “what you see is what you get person” and to be honest i dont show  lot of what i do for people to connect the dots so im not expecting loads of people to know and i dont really want a mass of fly by night friends who buy your track but dont really understand it.

Ok im a geek on the apple tech and really im a geek on the underground also but with the underground music  scene im very personal its like being naked giving anything to anyone about what i have done in the past or even what im doing now and yet those that know connect the dots and it makes me feel really special that some people go to such lengths to  know this stuff.

Being an underground and secretive person has its pit falls as I want to be recognised for what I have done but i dont want the fame and faulse bling that comes with being known so i am a startrek si-fi “anomoley” or “paradox”!

anyway im going to keep this short so i reciently used facebook and found quite a few fan pages for things i was behind but still not all dots were joined but this one Unity 88.4 was a really special radio station I used to run and even though I went under a different name on there it was nice to see peoples opinions on something i was doing even if they did not know it was me

Maybe it’s nostalga but its nice to get recognition now and then even if indirectly as being who I am is not easy because I watch others take credit for my ideas or for being at the beginning of most things I have already done but never shouted about so big up the unity 88.4 crew one small radio staion out of about 15 I was doing but it was a very special station that sent essex into rave culture  in a big way..


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