one step forward … how many steps back with no skip or jump!


i cannot believe how much work has gone into this new 6 album project i seem to be going over and over tweaking and changing and so far its all been for the good of what im doing but nothing is finished still!

have you even had a plan that you though was easy?then got into it and realise how difficult it really was and did it make you contemplated jumping ship? like “that too hard i’ll leave it” ?

well i get to that point on a weekly basis but i don’t ever consider leaving it its just another hurdle to overcome to get me to my goal of making all this stuff come together.

i though i was totally ready with itunesLP volume 1 and 2 and a few days ago just as we are submitting it for delivery to Apple im told the whole layout has a “title safe'” issue on the apple TV?

this far down and now all my design layout has to be re-adjusted using a “title safe” boarder arrrrrr!

the thing is i have made up almost 10 itunes LP’s using my template that i designed and thought was fineso suddenly getting this info is devastating as i have been preparing future iTunesLP releases also and now its all wrong?

im hoping my programmer is not as miffed at this info as me as i need her on board to make some of the coding changes and im still working from 2:00am every morning but now i am re doing what i though was done again again again .. .

see this is the problem when you do almost everything yourself the ideas including design/ photoshop and obviously the music.
there is so much to know so many technical bits you have to learn on the fly the whole thing on so many levels is complex and the cost when i have to re-do is ..aaarrrrrr!

what annoys me is these templates were done ages ago and i though they were ok as they have been pushed around with those that should know so this is one massive step backwards in the plan.

anyway the extra time im going to need means i’m closer to getting my ipad book and my iphone game ready in time for the first release (possibly january 2011),
yes i see the delay in a positive light as its all i have to keep me from pulling my hair out.
I do hope people realise just how much of my life this project has taken up and with a team i can count on half of one hand to help me (on and off) its been a lot more than just making good underground dance music.

but this is how i have always been when i ran the radio or the raves it was my hands on everything my vision and i had to learn everything and try not to make too many mistakes but in all those missions succeeded and so i hope the same will be on this lonely mission.

here is a screen shot off the iphone game background :)hope you like it the ipad book/game version is really exciting also as its being translated into Japanese,german,spanish,itialian, french and mark ruff ryder bad english.
the ipad comic has animations of parts of the story and lots of other ipad specials…

anyway back to work on re-re-re…re-doing all the itunesLP pages AGAIN!


update on me!




I have had a battling few years now with my depression and my work life ect.. 

All things are so inter-twined; the balance has to some how not tip too far in any direction, which is not easy for me to hold together. 

When i’m working I totally immense myself into my work which puts all other things in my life on the shelf so family and friends get shut out and I convince myself its for the better as finishing my work is beneficial to them as it pays the bill and also makes me who I am, but actually I know that’s not true its an excuse for not being able to balance my life in any real way. I seem to only be able to focus on the thing I feel is important at that time and I really do need to finish my work as its been around 4 years now and until its out no one is going to understand it so needs must!

It’s not easy balancing life, as I don’t have a regular anything my job is like an inventor rather than a worker, my family life hectic and unpredictable  (possibly like everyone’s else’s)

I just “don’t” cope well with it’s stresses and the chocolate & drink are supposed to chill me out but i’m not sure that’s the effect I end up with as everything is done to excess.

So work has been my focus these last few years and more so this last year as I feel like i’m coming to the completion of this mammoth 6 albums story.

In a way its pulled me through and kept me focused on a reason to keep going as without this being completed I feel I would leave a very big gap in my plans for family and friends.

I do feel much better now than I did at the beginning/middle of my depression although I would not say I was fixed i’m more like a broken glass that’s been super glued back together.

Well at lest i’m still usable and that’s the point really at least I have a use still.

So I though I would blog this out as if any of you followed the deeper blogs that were on MySpace at least you will know as difficult as things have been and still are i’m defiantly on the right track back to a type of normality.


Realease day of the albums will soon arrive… but then what next maybe redo these for itunesLP?



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