Apple has a great plan I just wish they would help us little people join in


Apple has a great plan I just wish they would help us little people join in

Ok another apple rant but this time is more positive as i’m almost at the end on my mammoth iTunes LP dance music story projects 

Its been a really hard uphill struggle to make and get this massive project working to the iTunes LP specs as no one really knows much about it and when I say no one I really mean just four authorised companies apple could recommend regarding iTunes LP projects and the cost to work with them was astronomical

Yes I know people have done bits and bobs using iTunes LP format outside of the Apple sphere but I could not find anyone who knew what to do that had any real experience of getting it submitted and allowed into the apple world of iTunes LP via iTunes.

I must say that as lucky as I am to have a direct account with apple its still not been easy to get the advice and help I need yet i’m here on the cutting edge of their technology trying to make my albums work in their (apple) vision

Its not been easy but i’m hoping it will be financially rewarding as I know as a music artist I have to change from the old way of vinyl and cds to the new way of digital and I have accepted this change as inevitable but I wont give up the idea that people will buy into an artist whole album project as songs alone don’t really tell the story of an artist where as albums do and they take longer to enjoy and understand but to me that’s what makes a great artist rather than a commercial one hit wonder

I just wish apple could help us truly independent artist to understand better what apple are doing rather than having so much secrecy.

I have been chasing them for my Ping account and it seems unless I fire off an email directly to Steve jobs I just don’t get taken seriously as I know everyone is asking for this new feature the queue of artists is massive and every account has to be verified but with this back log I have no choice but to delay all my releases again as I can not release an iTunes LP and change it once its out and if I don’t have my relevant ping account included into my iTunes LPs how will I make the most of apples ping plans on artist and music integration?


I have had to do everything almost all alone and so far its almost 4 years into the project and this includes my pre planning and assumption of the iTunes lp format so i was already 1 year ahead of the iTunes LP in my concepts for the albums.

I’m almost ready but again I get something new arrive in the form of PING and have to be put my projects in a queue to get what I need before I can release the iTunes LP’s .

There are people around me that think I will never release this project and they just don’t understand the whole project 

People are thinking in the old way or even the ‘New old way’ of music sales, 

what i mean is the old way was buying album cds and the ‘new old way’ is buying single digital tracks (cherry picking your tracks off albums) but rarely buying whole albums.

The “New New way” will be iTunesLP but you have to make something captivating that’s worth you buying the whole album experience and getting the whole artist plan. 

Now that’s what i’m doing!

I just need to get it right and I don’t seem to have any support from Apple even though i’m using all the cutting edge facilities Apple are creating in a way that would show so many others where the album concept is going. I have seen the examples apple have released but without the infrastructure to make that stuff how can we get it going and i’m almost there but its been a real labor of love with no help or assistance from anyone and not many people knowledgeable in this area so i’m worried the whole concept apple is doing might stall

Anyone who can help in programming iTunes LPs is always welcome to contact me also info on running my ping would be cool or making apps on the iphone at a cost i could afford or because your passionate like me and what to join in?.

Coming soon to an iTunes near you soon??  The whole album project tells a story through comic book and comic music videos and the songs them selves it spreads across 6 separate iTunes LP albums which also cover many different musical styles of the UK underground dance music scene

There is currently nothing like this and i suppose the nearest concept in my mind might be the ‘war of the worlds’ cd album set although i would not say i’m in that league being underground dance music but it will hit my underground genera right where it needs to in a original and unique way.



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