Some more Apple geek speak


Some more Apple geek speak 

Steve jobs new rules on the API programming on Mac’s

A lot of hullaballoo is taking place with apple gaming programmers at the min as the terms of contact between apple and those writers of apps rules of use has recently changed, I seem to be able to see what’s going on (from a far) and its common sense reasoning by apple seems correct but the ways it does things seem totally unfair to many who support them with their own innovation for apples products.

Many programmers are realizing how difficult it is to keep to Apples strict rules only to see them change and suddenly feel left out in the cold and as I’m currently working on tons of ITunes LP projects i’m hoping the rules in my field don’t suddenly change again as Apple has the power to bankrupt small investors in Apple technology (like the many app programmers are feeling now)

From my understanding it seems that adobe turned a light switch on at the Apple camp with their buggy flash, which was always crashing and freezing and generally causing havoc with the web and any product that relied on a battery power supply. Adobe made Apple products seem bad when it was actually flash causing the crashing and batty life to be sucked away from the apple hardware.

Apple hated this badly written intermediary between seeing apps and their hardware. But adobe although having made a badly power hungry translator (middle ware) had in its invention also allowed millions of not so geeky programmers to learn a faster way to get a finished result as long as they used the ‘flash’ system in between the code and the output.

MY basic understanding and example : for the less geeky 

Imaging flash as a language translator you (the programmer) don’t want to have to learn the real Apple language (let says its Chinese) so you just use flash (who you can talk to in a flash language which is simpler) and let flash translate out the result.

That’s why apple want flash gone. Its an intermediary between the source and the result and its not really that good at getting the message over because it crashes a lot and takes a lot of extra processing (battery life) to get that same result, with out flash you need to learn the real language but then everything is smoother and no chances of failure in translation

Apple want just he source coding and the result because then they can work on making their hardware last longer in the field as this clean line of code needs no power hungry flash in the middle to make Apple products seem bad (when it crashes of the battery dies too quickly).

I understand apples approach (keep it streamlined) and I also understand the programmer’s problems (to be a programmer you have to learn the real code there are no short cuts)

I use programs that make me flash banners in a few clicks I have no coding experience in flash it’s a great product for super end results but I understand how it’s a pain for Apple as this seemingly short cut to a massive result is costing them in crashing apps and low battery life and its not apples fault 

(i’m in not even mentioning how bad flash is for security venerability’s which Apple doesn’t need either).

I’m having similar problems trying to work in the strict Apple rules with iTunes LP and its costing me a fortune using those programmers that have already had stuff passed as they know how its done but i’m never going to be a css programmer so it’s a very expensive way to work for me and also some programmers that only know how to use intermedia apps to get the result they want are going to lose their ability to work with Apples new rules and so we will all have to evolve (go back to school and learn the code or pay the few that know the code) or die. 

I know other plug-in’s are affected buy this new rule change also and it means more work for the programmers and more investment for those creators who just want to create.

I’m all for keeping as many middle men out of the loop but it’s a very painful pill to swallow when Apple just out of the blue make a change and expect everyone to suffer all the investment and time for apple products as it is us trying to support Apples platform.

I’m praying the iTunes LP is not suddenly changed, dropped, or some other out of the blue decision is made by Apple that will cost me years of hard work and investment in Apples products as i will be devastated like so many in the games platform are right now.

I just want things to settle down so I can get on with what I love doing which is being creative and more and more that is getting lost in all these non creative things



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