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ok my first blog on this new blogging/ posting media thing that is posterous?

Having spent the last 5 or so years blogging ‘for myself’ on MySpace its about time I opened up my wild and sometimes angry thoughts to the world and as it’s getting nearer to a real launch of the new album and I have to be more out there in this new media circus that the world has become.

I have found this place that seems to offer me the ability to touch all the different communication forms while allowing me to just use the one media device I feel happy with (blogging my personal thoughts and via email )

I’m not really a social mead dude I not really the cool guy everyone who buys my music thinks i am  (or maybe i am loll *joking*)

I would love to find a way to post my previous blogs on this new platform as its part of me and leaving it would be like chopping half my bran off (that would leave me with no brain)  


I’m hoping this new format here at posterous turns out to be the holy grail i’m wishing it to be..we shall see..

There has been a lot gone on in my life the past 5 years and my blogs really do cover some of it in ways I could not and would not ever invent as its real and my though feeling and pain in this changing world and when i look back at the posts especially the ones when i was suffering from depression its a weird sort of thing and helps me to understand myself better. i found that blogging was the best way to express my worries and frustrations for myself and it seemed to be a great catalogue of who i was at that time and what was stressing me out ..i hope i don’t have to lose that by moving sites.

i have a lot to say on the music business and i wont suffer stupid ill informed comments from those that ‘think’ they know but have maybe 2-3 years in the business  so my blogging can be very edgy at times and thats just how i am all the time. 

 I suppose when your driven like I have been the last 20 years fighting the music business at every turn and never letting anyone or anything stand in your way then you do get a bit self righteous about things and find it hard to suffer the pain of listening to stupid comments from people with no real depth in the music business, but then i suppose that makes for a good dialogue  and allows thoughts to dig deeper on those subjects.

Anyway for now this is my first post I normally do 1 or 2 a month depending on what’s going on in the world and i’m pretty music focused on the music business and the internet connections which include current apple computers who i’m communicating with almost every week regarding their iTunes lp and inadequate support for artists to jump the hoops they have set but done even understand them selves.

Anyway if this post works I’m  hoping the in people at this site will help me port my previous posts so I really have a new home to blog at and build a following for my music first

Please add yourself to this subscription and join in the topics but remember I try to be kind but this is my stage and i’m known as “Ruff” for many reasons.


Mark Ruff Ryder 

 Here is a video I just uploaded on YouTube taken from the second album from my new 6 series of albums (all are unreleased still)

Remember those that use torrents sites to avoid paying for others hand made  musical work are noting but common thieving low life skum .. whoo hoo that should annoy a few of you!  ..RRRUUUFFFF  RRYYYDDDEEERRRRR

this track is an acid remix of ‘Who’s the DJ’ and is taken from the acid dub album 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A972YDKLCHA?wmode=transparent]


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