Integration of the Middle Eastern Culture into Europe

I find myself treading a very thin line as people do not know the difference in

Being Racist  Vs
Being against extreme religious views from the middle east or any religion.


Deeply religious people are dangerous for a modern world.

That’s my Gripe!

The EU crisis is for me not about race or colour and that’s the confusion and mistake people make.

It’s the beliefs many Middle eastern muslims live by that can not be integrated or tolerated.

I personally can not tolerate many of the deeply held Muslim views nor should anyone in a modern world.

The UK has and continues to work hard for:-

Equal rights and equality for women
Equality for LGBT people
An open society where everyone can integrate (and make face contact).

I believe strongly in these issues. Your colour is not a barrier but your religious beliefs might be if you can not bring them into the 21st century.

Many of the middle eastern views on these issues above are in direct conflict with the British way of life.

It’s not racist to want to keep equality equal or to point out this major problem that is heading our way if we stay in the EU.

I don’t have to go backward in all the issues I hold dear in order to tolerate a backward religious mindset.

The only real integration is when those views that go against our basic principles in Britain are banished from religion, as they can not and should not be tolerated.

Any person or religion that thinks they can be negative to women or LBGT community won’t ever be tolerated by me.

I really am someone who believes in unity, but unity comes from a starting point of acceptance of everyone. If your views don’t start there I can not start to find unity with you and tolerance by it very name is not really good enough.
I want to except all people.
Why should we all have to tolerate each other that sound like a bad way to live.

The hate and mind set of middle eastern religious people has to change otherwise the EU and Britain (If we stay in the EU) will end up a cultural tinder box waiting to explode.

Change has to come from these archaic belief systems in invisible beings that give certain people an exclusive right to do as they please .
I can not tolerate that type of view and there is no bending in the hard fought issues the UK has championed in equality for all.

The backward have to come forward to meet our modern values.

Britain has to have a baseline view on what is NOT acceptable
David Cameron need to make a British charter for all who want to live and integrate no matter where they are from or what their religious views.

I’m not lowering basic human rights for all just to accommodate someone who thinks that praying to invisible beings gives them a special human right to change the real world and our hard fought equality for all.

People can believe what they want as long as it doesn’t impede on others right to believe and live how they want. When a religion can do that we will all find a way to blend nicely.

#DavidCameron need to read this and think about the real issues here.

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